Three Iraqis were killed in the storming of the Iranian embassy in Iraq

The Iraqi security forces in the night from Sunday to Monday, the fire opened on demonstrators in the Iranian embassy in the city of Kerbala were trying to connect to. Three people were killed, the authorities on Monday to know.

The death toll has been confirmed by the official mensenrechtenwaakhond, and the Iraqi High Commission for human Rights (IHCHR). In addition to the three shot and killed the protesters got about a dozen people were injured, including employees of the intelligence community.

The protesters met Sunday evening to brussels for the embassy in the shi’a holy city in southern Iraq.

“We have come here to see the Islamic the flag down, and that the Iraqi flag has to be lifted,” said an anonymous protester against the Reuters news agency.

Prime minister: ‘Demonstrations disrupting daily life

As the class went on Monday, despite a call by the Iraqi prime minister to end the call. The demonstrations cost the U.s. economy billions, and interfere with daily life, according to the Iraqi prime minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. Thousands of opponents of the government were assembled in the capital city of Baghdad.

The main port, Umm Qasr, where the bulk of the imports of cereal grains, cooking oil and sugar to Iraq, coming, in place since last week, on Wednesday, stalled by the protests.

The protests put an end to nearly two years of relative calm in Iraq. Starting on October 1st in Baghdad, and spread to the impoverished shi’ite south.

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Protester: “All the politicians need to get away’

Prime minister Abdul Mahdi has for a number of reforms have been promised, and suggests that he is going to leave and go as the government will agree on a substitute. The people take no pleasure in it. They find that it is the whole of politics will have to be removed.

The protesters are angry over the poor state of the U.s. economy, the widespread corruption and sectarian power-sharing deal in the country.

Iraq’s politicians are not independent, but are heavily indebted to the united states or with Iran, according to the protesters.


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