Three earthquakes strike Central Italy

Three earthquakes strike Central Italy

In central Italy have Wednesday night successive three earthquakes occurred. The heaviest quake had a strength of 6.1 magnitude, and followed on from an earlier quake with a magnitude of 5.5. About any victims, nothing is yet known.

According to the American geological institute USGS found the quakes were at a depth of about ten kilometers. The first shock occurred at around 19.30. Between the three quakes was approximately two hours. The third tremor had a magnitude of 4.9.

The epicenter of the quakes would lie in Visso, located about 100 kilometres from the place of Perugia. The shock was in Rome to be felt. According to Italian media would be residents in a panic on the street again. As a result of the quakes would be a few villages around the epicenter are currently without power sit.

On the Italian tv are further images of damaged buildings to see, among others, in the village of Visso. There would also be some buildings completely collapsed. The schools remain in allegedly Thursday’s close. Also, some roads closed.

At present, it is not talked about fatalities. Some people are injured. Premier Matteo Renzi has let us know that he is in contact with the emergency services.

First images of the damage


Quake Amatrice

Earthquakes of this size can be considerable damage. On 24 August, Italy has been hit by a heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2. It came surely, 297 people were killed, and were five thousand people lost their house. Especially in the villages of Amatrice, Pescara del Tronto and Accumoli threw a lot of houses.

Since that earthquake, there are in the region governed aftershocks felt. Italy lies on two fault lines. Because of this, the country is often hit by quakes.

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