Three chefs about the pumpkin: “The ideal imagination of autumn’

Three chefs about the pumpkin: “The ideal imagination of autumn’

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With Halloween in front of the door popping up everywhere again pumpkins. The fruit is in recent years becoming more and more popular, brands are also chefs from quality restaurants. “Pumpkin can you really on all sides.”

Niven Kunz, chef of the eponymous michelin star restaurant, thinking that the pumpkin is so popular is because it is “versatile, very tasty and also healthy” is. “It is sweet and soft in structure so that it also for children, an attractive vegetable is,” says Kunz at

According to Schilo van Coevorden, in the kitchen of the Conservatorium Hotel leads, is pumpkin “the perfect representation of autumn”. “It gives a rustic, warm and cosy feeling, where we are looking for: light in dark days.” Also, he notices that pompoensmaak can be found in more and more products. “For example, in beer, tea, marshmallows, soy milk, Pop-Tarts, and Pringles.”


Fresh pumpkin is a long list of health benefits associated, set Of Coevorden and Herbert Hoftijzer of restaurant Fleurie. “It contains a lot of vitamin B2, B9 and beta-carotene,” says chef Hoftijzer. “The fibres to ensure a good bowel function and lower cholesterol. Also contains pumpkin much absorbable iron; it is thus an exception in which vegetables are concerned.”

“Pumpkin is one of the oldest vegetables in the world and is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B6, B11, and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus,” adds Van Coevorden.

“A high content of vitamin A and antioxidants (vitamins C and E) makes for a strong immune system and reduces the risk of diseases of affluence. Folic acid (B11) is a major player in the vitamin B-complex and allows for a healthy nervous system and strong immune system. It also plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells and DNA.”

All sides

Also the possibilities in the kitchen are, according to the chefs endless. “Pumpkin can you really on all sides,” says Hoftijzer. “From grilling to baking, roasting, baking, in cakes, in soup, as a sauce, quiche, curry, stew, salad, bread, tapenade, salsa, risotto, ravioli.”

The right preparation is important, but in principle you can pumpkin according to Hoftijzer with all the vegetables to combine. “To keep it simple: carrot, onion, garlic, chili pepper, orange, lime leaves and coriander as a soup. If you want to create something else, for example, stew, quiche, risotto or, look where you like, and you stick to a few beautiful ingredients.”

“Just remember that the pumpkin is always the boss; the other is supportive.”

Hoftijzer believes that the consumption of pumpkin in the coming years will only increase. “For the very simple reason that supermarkets spend a lot of money to be earned,” he explains. “For us, the stones and the waste on the compost heap. In the spring, the compost in the garden for food, and in the autumn, as almost all of the plants finished flowering, is the pumpkin. As simple as pumpkin process is as simple as the pumpkin to grow.”

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