Thousands of Romanians are angry at the police after the death of the vijftienjarig girl

Thousands of Romanians in the country are in the capital, Bucharest, on Saturday, the street is gone, after the murder of a vijftienjarig girl. The victim was on Thursday kidnapped and eventually killed, while the police several times, had called to tell me that she was being held.

The police are struggling to pinpoint where the call was coming from and asked for a search warrant, a court or judge, though in this case it is not necessary. Nineteen hours later, they found it. A lot of Romanians in the country, the authorities are now to blame for the death of a teenager due to a lax replied, it would have been.

A 65-year-old suspect has been arrested on suspicion of murder. In the house and in the garden were human remains or items found, which belong to the little girl.

Why is the guy with the girl is abducted, it is not clear. In spite of the findings in their respective fields, denies that he has anything to do with her death. In addition to the remains of the fifteen-year-old girl would be the body of one of the other been missing, a teenager (18) can be found in the area.

After the criticism of the authorities and the responsible director-general and an auditor will be dismissed by the minister of foreign Affairs, Nicolae Moga.

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