Thousands of refugees after clashes army Myanmar and rebels

Thousands of refugees after clashes army Myanmar and rebels

Government forces of Myanmar have the operations against insurgents of the Rohingya population has been intensified. Thousands of people have already fled.

Since a few days the fighting with islamic militias flared up. The are the most violent confrontations in five years time. Thursday night carried militia coordinated attacks on thirty different police stations. People were definitely 104 kill. The army responded to the attacks with ‘cleaning actions’.

Through the unrest, a large influx of refugees is under way. In the neighbouring Bangladesh tried border guards Monday the refugees. There are, however, over the past few days over five thousand people across the border, fled.

Most of the population of Myanmar are buddhist, the attackers belong to a separate ethnic group: the Rohingya. They live mostly in the Rakhine where the attacks are carried out. The Rohingya by the government are not recognised as citizens of Myanmar.

The government forces have Monday raids in different villages done. It came a lot of houses up in smoke. The army has the burn confirmed, but claims that the rebels are behind it sit. When the battles are all multiple citizens to the life to come.

Battles Myanmar

A regeringsmilitair keeps watch during an operation against insurgents.

Military love checks in the area where the battles take place.

By the fighting, thousands fled.

Houses have gone up in smoke and several citizens were killed.

A border control in Myanmar.

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Bangladesh states that Myanmar wants to cooperate for the insurgents to fight. Since the early nineties, there are more than 400,000 Rohingya across the border to Bangladesh fled.

The conflict between Myanmar and the Rohingya escalated in October. When did the government with a lot of military force on some similar attacks on police stations.

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