Thousands of homes of Rohingya burnt down in Myanmar

Thousands of homes of Rohingya burnt down in Myanmar

Photo: AFP

In by predominantly Rohingya populated areas in the northwest of Myanmar in the past week, more than 2,600 homes burned to the ground.

The government gives the debt to an armed moslimgroep that last week’s post Burmese security forces attacked, but escaped Rohingya say that the military provide them with a campaign of murder and burn is trying to dispel.

Also, human rights organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses Burmese security forces of arson and destruction. Recent satellite images do fear that the destruction in the state of Rakhine much more extensive than previously thought, said Phil Robertson, HRW’s director for Asia.

By the recent fighting in the state of Rakhine are, according to the government almost four hundred people were killed. More than 58.000 Rohingya are now to the neighbouring country of Bangladesh fled, says the afghan refugee organisation of the United Nations. Among those who are left behind, threatening lack of food.

The 1.1 million muslim Rohingya in predominantly buddhist Myanmar, are a minority. They are by the authorities as illegal immigrants are considered.

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