Thousands of Dutch people starting in qatar, ” This year, the demand for comfort

For millions of muslims, among whom were thousands of Dutch people, Thursday evening embarked on the pilgrimage to Mecca. The author of the most important muslim pilgrimage, which will be a minimum of five days to complete, and with the various rituals to be carried out. “There’s a lot of you,” says Oum Solaiman*, about her experiences of the previous year.

From the 9th to the 14th of August, a huge mass of people is to be found among the poor. The muslims will perform the hajj as one of the five pillars: this means that each and every muslim at least once on pilgrimage, needs to go as well as he or she is physically and financially able to do so.

During the period of time in Saudi Arabia, are the rituals in a specific order. The most famous ritual of the seven times walking around the Kaäba, a cube-shaped black-and-gold building.

For Said El Amraoui, one of the and the supervisor of the people who did do it, it is a very busy period of time. He said that “phase 1” of the hadjoperatie, and the departure of the muslims, and who is the author of go and do it, has just been completed. “On Tuesday, the final hadjgangers from amsterdam Schiphol airport left”, for example, requires the creation of.

This year, a total of more than 4500 visitors to the poor. There are 7.050 visas issued for the Netherlands and Belgium.

The throwing of the seven pebbles at a stone pillar or a pillar in Mina, is one of the rituals. (Photo: Reuters)

“It felt overwhelming at first’

A lot of hadjgangers win big ahead of time a lot of information about their pilgrimage, and they do some courses on how to prepare. Also Oum Solaiman, the last years, the author has done.

“There’s a lot you can”, she explains. The woman was looking for in a book, on the internet and by means of courses, information about what to expect. “It felt overwhelming at first,” says Oum Solaiman in this respect. It did feel like that it is very abstract to read more about exactly where you have to walk in during the ritual. “But in the end you will always get a better view.”

The author of the recently

  • The hajj occurs during the twelfth and final month in the islamic calendar, and the Dhoe all Hidzjah.
  • Who is the author of to do, they need to be in a state of consecration there.
  • The hajj lasts for five days, and muslims, and a variety of rituals in a specific order.
  • Those who make the trek to complete, you will receive the honourable title of hadji.

Hadjgangers books, travel

The author does not come cheap. For travel varies, and the fees range from a few thousand euro up to 7.000 euro. It all depends on the package you choose.

This is also the appropriate visa for the trip to go. Kingdom of saudi Arabia presents, for each country, a limited number of visas are wondering, is based on the number of muslim residents.

El-Amraoui, this indicates that in the last few years, more and more hadjgangers opt for comfort and luxury, and for [those] who pay for it. This means, for example, that two people in a room. “With four people in a room, you will pay less.”

The scammers are active in the provision hadjreizen

According to El-Amraoui used to be the scammers are active, that is, for example, posed as an agent and received money for the services they need are not provided.

Also, during the past year, it’s still wrong. “The 150 people are being let down because they have a hadjreis arranged in a way that she’s been scammed and has”, he says. This year, there is no scam to the light of day.

El-Amraoui maintains on its website a list of certified hadjorganisaties with it. Recently, he is also working with the ministry of Foreign Affairs. In total, the Netherlands are 23 organisations that are hadjreizen have to offer.

As a young hadjganger. (Photo: Reuters)

Hustle and bustle leading up to incident

Every year there is an incident taking place during the visit. Due to the immense crowds that people are sometimes trampled underfoot. In the year 2015 are affected by the woestijnplaats’s an estimated two thousand muslims, and for the life to come.

Oum Solaiman mentions the experience of the vast masses of people is twofold: On the one hand, it’s nice, but on the other hand, are simply so busy.”

A prayer, a muslim in Makkah. (Photo: Reuters)

“You will not have to be a perfect man’

She says that they are on their way to a ritual of throwing pebbles at a stone pillar for a moment of peace and quiet and that’s when it all came in. “There are people from all over the world, and a lot of people are. I am moved to tears when I think about it,” said Oum Solaiman.

They would, therefore, be, as it is a financial point of view, it is, once again, the author wish to do so. She refutes this, however, it is a prevalent idea that if a perfect man is coming back.

“You’re trying to do it better, but you have the same challenges. You can’t aim at all well-to-do.”

*Oum Solaiman, it is not the real name of the interviewee. We do not have this name on the request used.

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