Thousands of civil servants in hong Kong to express support for the protesters

Thousands of civil servants in hong Kong will be Friday evening (local time), in the street, gone to their work in support of the protests in the last few months to explain to the authorities to urge the protesters to respond.

It was the first time officials have joined a demonstration in hong Kong. They were gathered together in the heart of the business district of the city, along with many other people. Many of the officials wore black masks to protect their identity.

“I think that’s the government’s requirements, must be able to accept, in place of the police to the front line to push it as a shield, and to serve it,” said one of the demonstrating employees.

In an open letter, it asks a group of government officials and the leader of the city’s, Carrie Lam, to five community requirements are small: the complete withdrawal of a controversial uitleveringswet, to put an end to the description of protesters as ” rioters, immunity from prosecution of arrested protesters-an independent investigation into the violence during the demonstrations, and continued political reform.

The police in the autonomous Chinese city, said Friday, eight arrests were to be carried out. Seven of these were in a box with the weapons, and possibly the material for the bombs would have been detected. Also, one of the prominent onafhankelijkheidsactivist, it was picked up.


The protesters in hong Kong to make the gas harmless, with a pylon

Fear of loss of independence

The protests in hong Kong began as a protest against a law that would ensure that members of the public can be handed over to China. As a territory with special status within China, and the city is now more of an independent judicial system.

The protesters fear that the law, as a starting point is to have the freedoms that hong Kong enjoys, be kept to a minimum. Lamb, announced that, in response to the bill is “dead,” but did not formally withdraw. The protesters insist that they will be asked to do it.

This weekend will be a re-action against the bill, and the government to a standstill. The officer called the situation the region’s “biggest political crisis in decades”.

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