Thousands of Canadians are evacuated after forest fires

Thousands of Canadians are evacuated after forest fires

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Sure, 10,000 people in Canada evacuated after natural fires. By a combination of prolonged drought, strong winds and a lightning storm broke Friday the 138 fires in the province of British Columbia.

The fire was Sunday afternoon (local time) certainly has 24,000 hectares of land destroyed, say the authorities. The provincial brandweerchef Kevin Skrepnek recognised across CBC News that the fire affected area in reality probably a lot bigger.

Canadians in the disaster area told how they sometimes beat a hasty leave. “We were sitting at home watching movies,” said resident Tatiana Ruiz from the village of 100 Mile House. “Suddenly knocked she on the door. We gathered our stuff in two to three minutes.”

Ruiz, her family and about 2,000 other people left, according to CBC in the middle of the night from their place of residence, after the flames the church to a kilometre were approached. That happened after the wind suddenly to the force had won.


Canadian province is ravaged by huge forest fires

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