Thousands of Belgian ‘klimaatspijbelaars’ marching with Swedish figurehead

Thousands of ‘klimaatspijbelaars’ walk Thursday again a march for the climate in Brussels. According to an estimate by the police, there are around 7500. They are for the first time since the creation of the Belgian movement accompanied by the Swedish Greta Thunberg (16).

Thunberg goes as the figurehead of the ‘klimaatspijbelaars’. They began over a half a year ago in Stockholm under the school with a protest for greater action against climate change.

In the past few months, even students in other countries, the streets and gone for the climate, especially in Belgium. They are now for the seventh week in a row, engaged in a protest march. In other cities also, being walked on, so there were in Genk, a small five thousand expected.

Also young people from other countries, including the Netherlands, walk. Last week, the police eleven thousand participants.

There is a lot of interest for Thunberg. The Swedish klimaatactivist is according to The Standard accompanied by the police. The Belgian newspaper reports that agents everyone moved to make room for the girl.

“Not enough time to wait until we are adults’

Prior to the march held Thunberg a speech to EU politicians, including European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. She called them on the warnings of climate scientists was not in the wind, to store and to do more to the warming of the earth.

“Tens of thousands of young people in Belgium truancy for the climate, globally, do hundreds of thousands of young people the same,” says Thunberg at the European Economic and Social Committee. “There is not enough time to wait until we are mature.”

Also the driving force in Belgium, Anuna, the Weaver (17), cried the politicians as fast as possible with a better klimaatactieplan to come.

Juncker praised the young people who are in the streets of Europe hardmaken for climate action. He signed on that the climate is also a problem for older people. “We are fighting for the future of everyone,” says Thunberg, who announced only to stop when goals are achieved.

Greta Thunberg holds her speech at the European Economic and Social Committee. (Photo: AFP)

Dutch students back next month in action

The Dutch ‘klimaatspijbelaars’ organised earlier this month a protest march in The Hague. Came here about fifteen thousand students. The following action will take place on 14 march.

The second protest would initially take place in The Hague, but the organizers still. The new location, which has not yet been published, would be more central in the Netherlands.


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