Thousands of Belgian diesels without particulate filter

Thousands of Belgian diesels without particulate filter

Tens of thousands of diesel cars in Belgium annually by the pti while the dpf is illegal is removed. The measurement methods are outdated.

Autokeurders recognize that they are at least ten years behind the curve. Many garages advertise even, turns out Monday from research of the public broadcaster VRT.

A defective particle filter can transmission problems cause. The cost of replacement of up to 2000 euro, but removal may for 450 euros. Without a filter the emissions more than 90 percent higher. The result is that particulate matter and soot in the environment poison.

“Unacceptable and very disconcerting”, responds Mep Kathleen Van Brempt, chairman of the Dieselgate’-commission of the parliament. According to her, the findings indicate that “European legislation for air pollution to hardly any impact”.


It has last year the European Commission reported on the evidence that particulate filters in Europe to be systematically removed. “Without a clear monitoring, control and enforcement remains in the European legislation, not more than a paper tiger.”

Van Brempt points out that the Dutch instance, TNO has developed a method to polluting substances cheaply and quickly detect via laser technology which fine particles measuring.

They find car inspection stations such tests should be used, and calls upon the Flemish minister Ben Weyts (Mobility) there is an express check work. “Meanwhile, we must at the European level, the pressure continue to increase to ensure that the legislation can effectively be enforced.”

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