Thousands attend US rallies to the support of the Obama health care law


WARREN, Michigan. – Thousands of people gathered in the freezing temperatures on Sunday in Michigan, where sen Bernie Sanders called on Americans to resist Republican efforts to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care reform law, which staged a series of rallies Democrats across the country to mark the opposition.

The unions were a strong presence at the rally in a Parking lot in Macomb County Community College in the Detroit suburb of Warren, where some people were carrying signs, including “Save to take Care of our health.”

Lisa Bible, 45, of Bancroft, Michigan, said she has an auto-immune disease and high cholesterol. She says the existing law was asked for a response to your and your husband’s, but she is afraid that, if it lifted your family stuck with their medical bills.

“I’m really sick and my life will be in danger,” she said.

President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to overthrow and replace the Affordable Care Act, and most Republicans in Congress this week, the process of repeal began to maneuver it with a budget that requires a narrow majority in the Senate.

“This is the most prosperous country in the history of the world. It is time that we set our national priorities right,” said Sanders of the Michigan rally.

The law provided health insurance to approximately 20 million people, but is saddled with problems such as rapidly rising premiums and large co-payments.

Britt Waligorski, 31, a health administrator, a dental practice, said they did not know health insurance obtained through work, but have been covered by the health-law for three years. While premiums have risen, she said she was concerned that the services for women will be taken away, if it is repealed.

“Much is done for the women for the annual checkups, mammography — women’s health in General. If this is repealed, we go back to the old days, if not treated,” she said.

The health law does not get the subsidies and Medicaid coverage for millions of people to work insurance. It is necessary for insurers to cover certain services, such as family planning and people who is already sick, and has restrictions on the amount of sick and older people can be charged for health care.

Sanders, a strong supporter of the law, made several visits to the state last year during the Michigan primary, defeating Hillary Clinton in the state. But a big surprise, Michigan just voted to Trump on Nov. 8, the first presidential candidate of the Republicans to carry the state since 1988.

Rallies in several other cities were visited in support of the health law. According to police estimates, around 600 people showed up in Portland, Maine. Also, hundreds attended a rally in Newark, New Jersey.

The Republicans want to end the fines, the requirement by that many people buy coverage, and that larger companies provided for the workers.

But they are internal differences of opinion, as the numbers for any replacement parts and how to protect consumers and insurers during a long period in an alternative.

Mark Heller, 45, civil rights, immigration and labor lawyer, drove to the Michigan event from Toledo, Ohio, said that stopping the Republicans from repealing the law can be more than attending rallies.

“I think that it will take civil disobedience in order to change this, because they have the votes in the Senate and the house and the President,” he said.


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