Thomas Ian Nicholas gets candid about working with John Heard, addresses “American Pie” rumors



Thomas Ian Nicholas gets candid about working with John Heard

‘American Pie’ actor Thomas Ian Nicholas is grateful that he had the chance to work with John Heard for his death, and speaks to the rumors of a new “American Pie” movie.

Thomas Ian Nicholas is grateful that he had the chance to work alongside “Home Alone” star John Heard before his death in 2017 at the age of 71 from a heart attack.

Heard, who previously worked with the former child star in 1992’s “Radio Flyer,” reunited with the actor in one of his last films completed before his death, “to Live Among Us.” Not only Nicholas to star in, but he also served as producer.


“He is a talented actor,” the 37-year-old told Fox News. “We were so happy that he was a part of the movie and we were so sad to hear of his death. We are committed to providing the film to his memory and we want people to see how good he was.”

John Heard


“Living among Us”, which was released in the last month, tells the story of how a team of filmmakers have discovered that there is a group of vampires are willing to live together with people with terrifying results. Also star Esme Bianco of “Game of Thrones,” William Sadler of “The Shawshank Redemption” and Andrew Keegan, among others.

Nicholas said that he was impressed by Heard energy.

“His agent gave him the wrong day,” he recalled. “So that morning, there was no John… We were trying to figure out where he was. Two hours go by and I called John on his cell.

“Fortunately, he was really close to the set. So he made it there and got right to work. He sat by the scene and nailed on the first take. I just couldn’t believe it. I would be so stressed if I was late to work and had the wrong day. But he was just a pro. He made it work. He was again in the role and nailed it.”

Cast member Thomas Ian Nicholas arrives on the red carpet for the world premiere of the film “American Wedding” in Universal City, California on July 24, 2003.


Nicholas stood to look Heard work only further inspired him as an actor. The father of two keeps busy juggling a multitude of functions, including writing music with his band, the develop of the stories behind the cameras and action.

“I love to be creative and that is my motivation,” he explained. “I do what I can to stay in that creation space, or act or produce or write or play music. I guess I’m just trying to be a modern Renaissance man. I love the process of creation and I really like nice people.

“The driving force is that I have to do something that is really fun and entertain other people. And for me, entertaining people is the safest form of escape. You will not get a hangover of entertainment, unless you binge watch too much TV.”

Nicholas, who first appeared in a guest role in the popular ’80s series “Who’s the Boss?” also said that his mother kept a watchful eye over him in Hollywood, making the former child star to maintain a stable career by the years.

Thomas Ian Nicholas today.

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“I think I have a lot of credit to my mother, in the first place,” he explained. “She was definitely the grounding force in my life and career. [They] will never let me get to the point where I would not myself too seriously or let me have a big ego. Life was pretty normal, outside of what I was doing. I always saw those as two separate things.

“And thus create a great outlet to express yourself and out of that antsy thoughts you have as you grow. I think that some people express themselves by getting involved in the wrong things. And not to say that I’m perfect by any means. Everyone is a human being, but I think that the creation and expressing myself has kept me healthy through the ups and downs of my career.”

Nicholas also found lasting success with the popular “American Pie” movie franchise. The comedy premiered in 1999 and it led to three movies.

“I think the most surprising thing that people are always astonished about is that through all the corridors of the making of this teen sex comedies that nobody in the main cast ever hooked outside of what we were doing on the screen,” he revealed. “People find that strange.”

Nicholas added that not only the cast remained in contact over the years since the “American Reunion” came out in 2012, but the idea for a new movie is in the making.

Cast member Thomas Ian Nicholas and his wife Colette pose at the premiere of “American Reunion” at the Grauman’s Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California March 19, 2012.


“The fifth” American Pie ” was written and as far as I know is sitting on a shelf in the Universal collecting dust for the last five years,” he said. “… I’m not really where that stands. There is already a lot of rumors online. Some fans have started Twitter pages of the so-called ” American Vacation,’ to pretend that it happens. I haven’t heard anything yet.

“I was the first to agree to do ‘American Reunion.’ I remember [writer] Adam Herz, we had it at a sushi restaurant in 2009. He was like, ‘Hey, what do you think of this idea about doing a reunion? I was like, ‘Count me in… good luck coordinating everyone’s schedules.’ Sure enough, it took about three years.”

Another movie from Nicholas is recognized for 1993 is the “Rookie of the Year”, which also starred Gary Busey. The film tells the story of how a young boy is miraculously granted a powerful pitching arm, and it quickly becomes an unlikely major league pitcher for the Chicago Cubs.

“Gary was very interesting,” he recalled. “He is very high energy. He was very nice to me on the set. So I didn’t see how he dealt with a number of other people. But he was very nice to me. On one occasion, he carried me by my underwear 25 yards over the bar. But remember, he was the most beautiful man for me (laughs)… I think that he is great in the film.”

These days, Nicholas has a lot on his plate as a hands-on father.

“Recently I was texting Jason Biggs, because he just had his second child and I was like, ‘Welcome to the club of two children,” he said.

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