Thomas Erdbrink got a lot of advice from the environment for presentation of the Summer

Thomas Erdbrink got a lot of advice from the environment for presentation of the Summer

Thomas Erdbrink has during the listing period of the Summer a lot of advice received from its environment. The 40-year-old journalist presented this year for the first time, the VPRO-program.

“Because a lot of people sympathise with the Summer I get a lot of friendly advice. Actually all the time. Of everyone, everywhere. Remind me all to the fact that Summer is not of the guest and the presenter, but from everyone,” writes Erdbrink in his column in the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine.

“A woman who has her dog exhaust, tells me that I have a lot of tea with honey must drink. “Then is your voice less croaky.’ My mother gives by that the butcher more personal stories will. (..) In the train says someone that I must be more penetrating, but on the platform, and find another one, that call is heard again, that I understand too many questions.”

Erdbrink says that during the recording of “no defect” was to blunders. “In the Summer, there is no teleprompter. On what pieces of paper with questions after, do I need anything from my head. A genius or wondermens I’m not, so that is quite a task.”

“During my conversation with Hedy d’ancona, I spoke warmly with the director by my microphone, while we were already started. Another guy took a mix with vodka at the table. I think: why not, I’ll take one too. Then I spoke to a quarter with a double tongue. By clips around to talk to, answers of the guest do not understand, go astray.”


This summer, watched every week, more than half a million viewers to the show. The last episode with Mark Rutte pulled over 925.000 viewers.

In addition and New this year were also Arjen is Well-Dyab Abou Jahjah, Griet op de Beeck and Andrea Maier to guest.

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