Thomas Cook-collapse: Travel chaos broke out, the employees laid off are all over the world

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Hundreds of thousands of passengers have been stranded around the world on Monday after the British tour operator Thomas Cook has collapsed immediately, almost all of the flights, and the services provided by the hotel, and relieved of all of its employees.

The uk’s Civil Aviation Authority confirmed, Thomas Cook’s, a 178-year-old company, which helped in the creation of the package tour industry, was no longer a market. It is said that the company’s four airlines will be grounded, and its 21,000 employees in 16 countries, including 9,000 in the uk, will lose their jobs.


With the collapse of the company, the sweeping of the effects on the entire European and North African tourism industry, and around the world, such as the hotels are concerned about the fact that they paid for and confirmed bookings for the high season in winter resorts, was suddenly in doubt.

On the whole, about 600,000 people were on the road with the company with effect from Sunday, but it was unclear how many of them would have been left stranded, as some of the travel subsidiaries have been in discussions with the local authorities to continue to work.

The British government has said that it will take over the leadership of the company’s 150,000 uk customers, returning home from a vacation to places all over the world, and the largest evacuation efforts in the country’s history, a time of peace. The trial began on Monday, and officials warned of delays.

A flow of reports, on Monday morning, and gave a sense of the scale of the chaos, travel: up to 50,000 (Thomas Cook), travellers have been stranded in Greece, up to 30,000 in the Canary Islands, in Spain and 21,000 in Turkey, and 15,000 in Cyprus.

An estimated 1 million in the future (Thomas Cook), travellers also make their bookings for the coming holidays will be cancelled. Many of you will receive refunds within the framework of the travel plan.


The company, which was started in 1841, with a one-day train ride in the uk and has business in 16 countries, has been struggling financially for years due to competition from low-cost airlines and the ease of booking low-cost accommodations on the internet.

Thomas Cook is still in the possession of the nearly 600 journey to the shops on the main streets in the united Kingdom, and 200 hotels, and the addition of a real estate costs are a crushing burden of debt.

A flow of reports, on Monday morning, and gave a sense of the scale of the chaos, travel: up to 50,000 (Thomas Cook), travellers have been stranded in Greece, up to 30,000 in the Canary Islands, in Spain and 21,000 in Turkey, and 15,000 in Cyprus.
(Peter Byrne/PA via AP)

“With the rising popularity of the pick-and-mix-type of journey, which allows consumers to book their vacation, packages, individual, as well as the new kids on the block, like Airbnb, have seen the industry change out of all recognition in the last ten years, as the consumer, travel, lodging, rental car, be independent of each other,” said Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets.

I’m even worse this year, with the company blaming a slowdown in bookings and the uncertainty about Brexit-Britain’s exit from the European Union. A drop in the pond, it was more expensive for British holidaymakers to go abroad to travel.

The terrorist attacks that occurred in the past few years, and in some markets, such as Egypt and tunisia, will also hurt its business, such as heat waves, in Northern Europe.

The company had said Friday it was looking for 200 million pounds ($250 million) in order to avoid bankruptcy, and talks are being held over the weekend of the company’s shareholders and creditors, in an attempt to stave off collapse.


As CEO, Peter Fankhauser, said in a statement read outside the offices of the company, before the crack of dawn on Monday and that he regretted the closure.

“In spite of the great efforts made in the course of a few months, and further intense negotiations over the past few days, we have not been able to make a deal to save the business,” he said. “I know that this is a result, it will be devastating for a lot of people, and it will cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and disruption.”

The british aviation authority said that it had been arranged that a plane of the fleet, for the complexity of the repatriation effort, which is expected to last about two weeks. The British Transport Minister, Grant Shapps, said dozens of charter planes from as far away as Malaysia, had been hired to fly in customers ‘ homes free of charge. He said hundreds of people were staffing the call centers and the operation of the airport facilities.

“We need to look at the ways in which tour operators in one way or another, are unable to protect against such failures in the future.”

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Julie Robsson, a 58-year-old retired man, from Yorkshire, was one of the people who have to wait on Monday on the Spanish island of Mallorca for a replacement flight to Manchester, England.

She said that while it was satisfied with the information they received from the British government, with the Thomas Cook representative had failed to appear at her hotel. ever since the first rumors about the financial problems of last week.

“I’m very sad about it, because it’s an old company. The prices were very reasonable. The planes were clean,” Robsson he said.


The unions, on behalf of the Thomas Cook workers responded with anger.

“The staff members have been stabbed in the back without a second thought,” said Brian Strutton, head of the British airline Pilots’ Association.

The british Prime minister, Boris Johnson, travels to New York for the General Assembly of the united nations, said that the government has the right not to bail out the company, with the argument that the travel companies should do more to ensure that they do not collapse. He said the rescue (Thomas Cook), it would have created a “moral hazard” because other companies can expect to be treated.

“We need to look at the ways in which tour operators in one way or another, are unable to protect against such failures in the future,” Johnson said.

The majority of Thomas Cook, the Uk customers are protected by the government and run by the travel insurance program, which makes sure that the vacationers can get home as a Uk travel operator to fail in them while they are in a foreign country.

In a previous repatriation exercise to the next, 2017, in the collapse of Monarch Airlines, the cost to the British government about a 60 million-pound ($75 million).

Thomas Cook’s demise is a huge blow to a lot of businesses in holiday resorts have long relied on it for business.

In the Canary Islands, in spain, for example, are a favored year-round destination for Northern Europeans, and that is most likely to take a hit on the high-season and winter bookings. The association of hotels, said he is concerned about the economic impact of the Spanish government, for the organisation of meetings with local and regional authorities in order to assess the likely damage to the local economy.

In Tunisia, the TAP news agency, said the tourism minister’s intervention came after reports emerged that some of Thomas Cook’s tourists in Antalya were locked up in a hotel, and be “held to ransom”, as the hotel claimed that they will have to pay extra, out of fear that Thomas would be the non-payment of its due and payable debts.


The government has said that Thomas Cook customers would not be prevented from leaving the country.

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