This will prevent you according to carnavalvierders and experts have a hangover

During the carnival, it flows the beer richly. Even if they appear not all of the revelers are engaged with the consequences of drinking alcohol, a hangover is no one waiting. How do you prevent a hangover during the carnival?

“There is unfortunately not a panacea to cure that hangover to come,” says toxicologist Daan Rope. Scientific research has not yet able to demonstrate what happens in the body when someone has a hangover. However, the symptoms such as dehydration, headaches, nausea, forgetfulness, and chills are known. In short: overall misery. Therefore, it is better for the cat to avoid.

The Nutrition centre recommends no alcohol to drink or drink to alternate with a glass of water. Alcohol is diuretic and causes you to dry out. As alcohol is broken down in your body there are substances are released that cause you touched you feel.

“To prevent stomach upset, it is important that you have to drink something to eat. Alcohol on an empty stomach can symptoms,” adds Rope.

There are many different ideas and theories about what you should eat for a hangover is to prevent it. Therefore, we fall back on the conventional wisdom about drinking and eating habits and tell you a number of seasoned carnavalisten them on the leg holds up during the festival.


Why the south did and the north no carnival celebrates

Put a little

Irene Rikken (42) and her sister Suzanne from Venlo to celebrate from an early age on all carnival. “We start the day with an egg sandwich with bacon and a glass of milk.” In the afternoon, be there in Venlo, frankfurters, corn dogs, tarts, and other snacks eaten. “There are carts on the street that chips and drinks to hand out, but also the snack bar does good business,” explains Rikken.

“I create every year a huge pan goulash soup where the visit can brag. It is a well-stocked nutritious soup. Then we go back on the road and when the day is over, we look with a nightcap at the local transmitter to the parades. On the Wednesday after the carnival, I take always free to brush and we eat traditional haringsalade on rye bread.”

The hangover swim

The sisters Rikken say never to suffer from a hangover. “You are outside a lot and in the hossen and the dancing. That saves the next day.” Emma Peters (23) from Den Bosch gives the advice to only drink beer. According to her, you can wine or strong drink. “Don’t forget that for several days the game goes, but if you love carnival, it’s sure good.”

The day with the same drink to begin where you ended, is a common remedy for a hangover. “I do that sometimes during the carnival, and for me, it helps. But I also drink throughout the day in between water in addition to my beer. If I use the alcohol beginning to feel, then I stop drinking and I am the next day fresh again,” explains citizen of eindhoven Twan the Fat (54).

“The liver can a lot of on”, set the Rope to lock. “But it is important that this body also has the opportunity to recover. This can be a number of weeks or months.” The toxicologist recommends, therefore, to eat healthy. “Especially vitamin B is an important part of the diet if you drink, because these also necessary for the breakdown of alcohol.”

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