This way you will be able to eat on vacation, gastro – intestinal disorders will

In the summer it hits in the stomach, sometimes in front of the new food in another country, or have barbecues in the park. This will keep your digestive system calm and healthy.

Those who are in a different country on a holiday, notice, sometimes, that the stomach and intestines are a bit of trouble with it. A feeling of being bloated, or have diarrhea a day can sometimes be a bit of a screw up. This can occur for several reasons.

You are going to often be eating differently than you are used to at home. You are, after all, in a country with different eating habits and products, ” explains Marianne in the Smoke, a nutritionist at the charity forward. “These products are too different to be prepared. As a result, the stomach or the intestines that sometimes you have to get used to it, or something uneasily in response.”

“Your body loves a variety of dishes, but if you make it all the way striving to be able to there are symptoms”
Marianne’s Smoke, voedseldeskundige

On vacation, change your diet also, and more, you’re going to, for example, more frequent eating out or eating at other times of day. “You’re body will love the variety of dishes, but if you are all striving, then there may be complaints.”

In the Netherlands, drinking water is well-known for its good quality, but this is not the case in all countries. Therefore, it has always been recommended in order to ensure the eating of the salad, because the ingredients are washed in water. Also, there may be other symptoms of it.

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Please note that in the barbecue

Even a warm barbecue can be your digestive system a lot of work to make. The meat may be, for example, to be slightly baked, so there’s still bacteria in it. That may have diarrhea or abdominal pain, take care.

“That should not be a problem, and often goes by itself and if you have a healthy eating pattern stays the same,” said Smoke.

If there is a case of raw chicken, and the symptoms are getting worse to vomiting and diarrhea, then you may have a voedingsinfectie. A visit to the doctor is advised.

Also, on a holiday in the Netherlands you have to be careful when using, for example, you are going to have a barbecue. (Image: 123RF)

A lot of continue to be can vary

Who are the digestive system healthy, you want to keep, will benefit from this change. The best way is a combination with other fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and dairy products.

Smoke is also want to emphasize that the fibers play an important role in our digestive system. This information is not new, but still it acts a lot of people don’t see.

Three-quarters of the Dutch population eats too little fibre, it is evident from an analysis of the Stomach Liver Bowel Foundation is under the age of 18 thousand respondents. Only a half to eat every day whole grain or high-fiber products. These are more likely to be women than men.

“Fiber is a type of sponge, they take in water”
Marianne’s Smoke, voedseldeskundige

“Fiber is a type of sponge, they absorb water. Because of this, they have an influence on the stool, and the volume of it. The fiber in the large intestine, where much of the germs are. Some of the fibers by the bacteria and used as food.”

The fibers also contribute to the bowel movement, the intestines continue to be active on. The fibres also ensure that the stool smoothly through the bowel heading. “Because of the fibers and to a lot of moisture, it is important to drink a lot of water. If you’re too low in fiber to eat, or too little water can suffer from constipation.” A good balance is so very important.

The transfer car

If you switch to a diet with more fiber, can have some symptoms of that change. “But that’s mainly because the body has to get used to it. My advice is to get it to build. Eventually, there will be a new pattern will be created and will get used to it, your digestive system quickly,” said Smoke.

It’s not that hard to quickly make a few minor adjustments to make it possible to better bowel care. If it is white rice and pasta are also available in whole wheat varieties. Choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread. “In whole-wheat pasta and about four grams of fibre for every 100 grams of white paste is 1.5 grams. These are big differences.”

If you are on a vacation, and it is volkorenrijst, or whole-grain bread is not to be found? It also appeared on one of the other ways to get it, another one of the groups of foods where this is a lot of care. This may be a question of being ill or not.

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