This way you avoid your online Game or Thrones-spoilers read

The last season of Game of Thrones is in full swing, so the internet is filled with spoilers about the latest episodes. We put in a row how to get those spoilers on social media and other websites can be a work around.

Although the new episodes in the Netherlands on Monday to appear, not everyone is on the same day immediately in the opportunity to go and have a look.

Friends who are busy tweeting about who in the series had died, the episode therefore, before you ruin it. Fortunately is that with the largest social media to avoid.

Facebook: snooze users, groups, and pages

Facebook had last year, a function with the name Keyword Snooze’ which messages about certain subjects hidden. Now the option is largely repealed.

It is possible to select messages from specific users, pages and groups for thirty days of your timeline to avoid it. You can do this by a message on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose the option to ‘Person for 30 days snooze’.

This means that you have to assess who you probably spoilers will be sent. Although there is still a chance that you are on spoilers encounter, the button offers a way to future messages from this person immediately to block until the season is over.

Twitter: hide posts with specific words

Social network Twitter makes it easier for spoilers to hide it. Under the settings of the website is the option ‘Ignored words’. If your words to this list add tweets from your timeline, and more.

You can to this list the name of the series to add. But for the really thorough ward off spoilers, you should have a more extensive list. For example, add all the names of Game of Thrones characters or hashtags to add to the list, so that discussions on this subject will be banned.

Examples of words and hashtags

  • #GameOfThrones, #GoT
  • Westeros, Winterfell, King’s Landing, The Wall, Meereen
  • Arya, Sansa, Bran, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Night King

In the mobile Twitter app you will find the list at the notificatietabblad on the tandwielicoon button and then ‘Ignored’ tapping.

You can in the app also previews of images off, so you get no pictures with possible spoilers. That’s what you do with the settings of the app under ‘Display and sound’, where you have the switch in the ‘Media previews’ must be off.

Instagram: mute users who are often spoilers parts

Instagram offers the opportunity to messages of a user to mute. This is done by clicking the three dots above a photo by tapping and choosing ‘Mute’. You then get the option to display only messages in the timeline, ignore, or even Stories to avoid.

Instagram offered in the past the option for topics in the Explore tab to block, but a redesign seems this option have been removed. Therefore, it is not possible to have messages about a specific program from your view.

Note, however, that the blockade itself must be unset if the series is over or you the episode have seen.

Websites: use special browser plug-ins

Although not each site provides a way to spoilers to fend off, you can have a lot to do with the aid of special browser plug-ins. Such a plug-in allows you have extra functions to your web browser to add, such as the ability to receive messages on certain topics to block. That’s what you do with the following extensions, which you on the linked sites install:

  • Unspoiler for Google Chrome allows you to add words which you spoilers want to ignore. It shows you the name of a tv series, the key characters and locations to add. A spoiler is automatically hidden by a large red field, where you press a button if the message still want to read.
  • SpoilerTV is to compare with the above discussed plug-in Unspoiler, but also has versions for Firefox and Safari.
  • With Video Blocker you can in Chrome and Firefox videos about specific topics block, so that you have spoilers on YouTube can work around it.
  • Remove YouTube Recommended allows you to in Chrome the suggestions on YouTube hide, so after a video is not inadvertently spoilers.

The above tips should be sufficient ways to offer the internet to traverse without spoilers to bump into. In addition, there is one advice: it never hurts to some social networks is something more to be avoided, until you are up-to-date with your series.

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