This Valkyrie R5 humanoid robot is put to the test with the Mars-colonization on the horizon

File photo – The NASA-JSC Valkyrie robot is seen in the work of the field, between the tasks in Homestead, Florida Dec. 20, 2013. (REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity)

NASA’s Space Robotics Challenge awarded Northeastern University a $2 million Valkyrie Robonaut 5 (R5) robot, which is now undergoing tests in Massachusetts and a warehouse to prepare for the final round in June of this in a virtual simulation of a red planet landed.

The robot came on the north-East in 2015 as part of a proposal that Engineering Professor Taskin Padir sent to NASA for the Space Robotics Challenge to test software, reports Tech Crunch.

“They have done all of the hardware and we develop this high-potential, so that Valkyrie is doing more than just moving the limbs,” the north-East of a PhD student, Murphy Wonsick told Tech Crunch. “They may be able to take decisions autonomously, to move, and orders to perform.”

Researchers moved the R5 “NERVE (New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation) Center, a large warehouse managed by UMass Lowell which houses a large obstacle course designed to test convert robots and drones through their paces,” just outside of Boston.

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On board of the vision systems, locomotion, and navigation in tight spaces are just some of the criteria are tested on the NERVE research site, according to the same report.

NASA reportedly produced three other R5 models. Was held in the house, and NASA “awarded as research loans to Northeastern University and near MIT, while a fourth was taken over by the scottish University of Edinburgh.”

According to the NASA, in the final round, “each team R5 will be challenged by the resolve of the aftermath of a dust storm that has been damaged by a Mars habitat. This includes the following three objectives: aligning a communications dish, the repair of a solar array, and the adoption of a habitat leak.”

The Space Robotics Challenge is part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges program is set to be the price of $1 million to the team that “the development of the capabilities of humanoid robot dexterity to better enable them to work alongside and independent of the astronauts in their preparation for the future exploration of space.”

NASA announced the 20 finalists in February.

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