This summer videorefs present at the world cup

Next summer at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia made use of Video Assistant Referees (VAR), as has the International Football Association Board (IFAB) on Saturday in the Swiss Zurich decided.


The Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA will on 15 or 16 march in Bogota, more than likely the decision of the IFAB approve.

The decision by the IFAB, with the unanimity of all members. ‘This historic meeting, chaired by FIFA president Gianni Infantino, brings the football into a new era’, it sounds in a press release. “Videoref will help with the improvement of the integrity and righteousness within the sport.” The IFAB also approved during the meeting also the fourth replacement (renewals).

The past few months, an analysis will be made of the use of the videoref in competitions in more than twenty countries, including Belgium. It is worth noting that the analysis of the experiment was carried out by the KU Leuven, that the ‘Academic Support Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Project has started. Since march 2016, there were slightly more than 800 games played with a videoref. In eight percent of the matches had the videoref a positive impact on the result and thanks to the presence of the videoref the percentage of correct decisions during a match of 93 to 98.9 percent.

Shut game

Opponents claim that with the use of the videoref too much time is lost and that the game too much to stay quiet, but also that refutes the research: on average, less than five stages per match under the microscope, what each twenty seconds. When you communicate with the videoref, does the referee there are an average of 39 seconds, in the view of a stage along the sidelines, it takes a minute and ten seconds. In total, there as only less than one percent of the time spent.

At the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA showed president Gianni Infantino to be in favor of the system and also at FIFA-marketingchef Philippe Le Floc’h was unsuccessful. FIFA reckon themselves to get rich, and realizes that there are economic benefits to pick up to fall with the videorefs. Each time the game is at rest, there may be all advertising to be displayed, both in the stadium and during the live tv broadcasts. In that way the FIFA a lot of extra money. Including during the Confederations Cup last year was the system by way of a test already in use.

Also in Belgium, after a however very hesitant to start more and more proponents of the videoref. The Pro League decided at the end of last year, on the basis of an agreement in principle for next season, the videoref fully implement, for all the games. The only condition for this was that the IFAB’s final approval would give.

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