This smart model focused on the improvement of pat-down procedures at airports

The airport security is tighter than ever these days, and for some passengers a pat-down by airport security staff to ensure that they are not carrying something they should not have to be.

The pat-down law can be a delicate matter for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers who perform the procedure. Frisktoo light, and they may miss something important, but also hard and a pat can feel like an offensive sack or fumble, potentially leading to a very upset and angry passenger.

Enter PATT, a smart mannequin being developed by the TSA and Homeland Security to help teach officers how toperform the perfect pat-down

The “Pat-down Accuracy Training Tool” is a very sensitive soul, but it will not sound should a trainee officer, a bit heavy on the hand during their first physical checks. The smart mannequincontains a sensored layer that is able to measure the amount of applied pressure during a pat-down procedure.

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PATT is connected to a computer and works with software that provides visual and objective analysis of the pat-down, with the data provided in the help of the public to learn about how they canimprove their technique.

There are two smart mannequins for the male and female body shapes with 2000 sensors, and over the entire surface to provide the best possible feedback.

The training procedures, together with the objective feedback, aimed at making assessment consistent and effective, thereby improving the safety of the passengers, the TSA said in a press release.

In a commentary on the new training kit, S&t First Responders Group program manager Ajmal Aziz said in a release, If I … start to perform a pat-down, the trainer will be able to use the PATT technology to see where Im pressure. Is it the right amount of pressure? I am the missing areas should I look for?”

David Band, PATT TSA technical monitor, said that “the training without feedback is related to learning how to drive a car with a non working meters.”

Band added, “While an experienced driver may give you some useful guidance, a speed sensor for providing real-time feedback is a much better indication of how fast you are actually going.”

He saidPATT “will greatly enhance a TSA agents to be able to control the pressure within an ideal range to all areas in their search and reduce the time required for new officials to achieve a high level of expertise.”

Trials to evaluate PATT the effectiveness will be launched at the TSA Training Academy in Glynco, Georgia, as well as at a number of airports, such as Los Angeles International Airport.

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