This singer is going for Belgium to the Eurovision song contest

The VRT sends in 2018, the unknown Laura Groeseneken to the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon. That made them self known in Van Gils and guests. A number of the young singer, not yet.

© Bass Roelants/VRT

With Laura Groeseneken choose the VRT for a young talent that is already quite a bit of experience can bring. So she sings and she plays piano, Ozark Henry, she wrote to songs with Alex Callier of Hooverphonic and she performed a whole time to dubstepcollectief AKS.

‘Laura was already world class when I asked her to be with me to play and I still got her in that time, still great to see it grow,” says Piet Goddaer of Ozark Henry in a press release. “That margin have only the greats. We should be proud that they are our country want to represent.’

Groeseneken said yes against the proposal of the VRT on the basis of the numbers that the past few years, scored on the liedjescircus. ‘The song that Ukraine won last year, gives me still goose bumps’, she says. “That is for me a perfect Eurosonglied: genuine, credible and with the necessary grandeur.’

Belgium is the first country that their entry for the Eurovision song contest, will publish. The VRT wants more than to take the time to search for a suitable number. Or Groeseneken, Callier or Piet Goddaer of Ozark Henry it will work, is not yet clear. ‘I want no song in advance write off. Everything is still open, ” says Groeseneken. “But I’m not going to dance.”

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