This series you can during the christmas stream

This series you can during the christmas stream

With a long weekend ahead of us, the christmas season is a perfect opportunity to offer a number of episodes of a series one behind the other to look. Here’s an overview of a series of streaming services that critics lauded.

Westworld – HBO

The sciencefictionserie Westworld revolves around a cowboy theme park, where tourists on their way of dealing with human robots. If a robot to shreds, gets shot at, he gets in the sterile laboratory under the park a oplapbeurt, after which he was again in the park is set to have his storyline play out. Anthony Hopkins plays the man that the robots built and the story in the park figured out. Big question is: what does he want with this park. It goes beyond entertainment? And how human can and should the robots be.

De Volkskrant: 4 star
NRC: 4 star
The Tomorrow: 5 stars

The Young Pope – Videoland

Jude Law as a young pope is, according to the Volkskrant, the highlight of the career of the British actor. The series of the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is about the fictional pope Pius VIII, conservative and liberal seems to be, but seem. He grew up as an orphan with a nun, played by Diane Keaton.

De Volkskrant: 4 star
The Guardian: 4 stars

Fleabag – Amazon Prime

The British komedieserie is to watch it via Amazon Prime, which recently also in the Netherlands. Fleabag is the nickname of the main character played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. In the United States and Great Britain gets the series rave reviews. According to The Guardian, it is a blackened version of the sitcom Miranda.

The Telegraph: 5 stars
The Guardian gives no stars

Black Mirror Netflix

Also in the third season of the British series Black Mirror, each episode a self-contained story in a different genre. The subject is always an ethical question of technique. It is an episode around the idea that people stars for their personality, such as the drivers at the taxi service Uber. The first two seasons were by the critics, has already been well received, and the switch to Netflix, no change.

NRC: 5 stars
The Telegraph: 3 star

The case of Investing – NPO missed

The three-part series The Case Ments of omroep Max turns to journalist Hans Knoop, who in the seventies of the past war criminal Pieter Ments above table tried to get.

NRC: give no stars
The problem gives no stars

Central medical center (CMC) – RTL XL

The main role in this ziekenhuisserie for Ricky Koole as the new director of the German Central Medical Centre. Also, Lieke van Lexmond, Robert de Hoog and Victoria Koblenko have roles in the series.

AD: no stars

The Night Or HBO

In the eight-part misdaadserie The Night Or turns on the question of whether student, Naz a very handsome woman has been murdered or not. He goes after a night out with her to your home, but the next morning he woke up next to her dead body. He can not remember anything.

NRC: 5 stars
De volkskrant: no stars

The Blacklist – Videoland/Netflix

James Spader plays the mysterious criminal Raymond Reddington who voluntarily surrenders to the FBI. He wants other criminals to unmask in exchange for immunity and the help of a specific agent, Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone).

NRC: no stars

Transparent – Amazon Prime

The senior Mort comes out of the closet as transgender. An idea that especially her children and ex-wife have to get used to. Also they have their own problems where they have to learn to live.

De volkskrant: no stars
NRC: no stars

Stranger Things – Netflix

The sciencefictionserie Stranger Things is perhaps the most discussed series on Netflix this year. The series takes place in the eighties, and the creators have plenty of references to filmhits from that time it is processed. It is about three friends that a mysterious girl on the trail with a supernatural gift and a big secret about where they come from.

Underground: no stars
De Volkskrant: no stars
NRC: four stars

A’dam E. V. A. – NPO Missed

After three seasons on december 18, the last episode of the television series A’dam E. V. A. is shown. All seasons are back to NPO missed. Also, the third season is by the critics, well received. The series revolves around the set Adam to the Lord (Teun Luijkx), and Eva van Amstel (Eva van de Wijdeven) and the city of Amsterdam.

De Volkskrant: four stars
NRC: no stars

New Neighbors – RTL XL

The exciting range of New Neighbours is based on the book by Saskia Noort. The leading roles are for Katja Schuurman, Thijs Römer, Daan Schuurmans and Bracha van Doesburg. The second season is also to be seen in Videoland. The series revolves around a couple who go to live in Almere and then a friendship with their new neighbors.

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