This scarf makes you invisible on the photos

Celebrities get sometimes hard to endure: if they are outdoors move, they are often met by a crowd of photographers, even though they have that day is a bad hair day, eye bags, or simply don’t want to take a picture. For them (and for less well-known diva’s) is now the ISHU-scarf.

Major Lazor © ISHU

Saif Siddiqui, a 28-year-old Indian from New Delhi by a number of stars on hands worn ever since he ISHU-scarf invented. Which is made from a specially designed fabric which thousands of spherical and light reflective nano-crystals intertwined. All the photos where a flash is used, therefore, unusable.

“The intention is to make people aware of how important privacy is. Thanks to my scarf get people a bit more of a grip on their privacy,” says the creator of Buzzfeed.


Siddiqui launches this summer ISHU gsm-pockets, so that even incognito you can go, if it is too hot for a scarf. (EK)

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