This nieuwjaarsbrunch put you completely ready beforehand

1 January, that means a lie-in and then with as little effort as possible enjoy a nice late breakfast to recover from your party, possibly in the company of family or friends. We’ll give you some tips!

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A good brunch consists of different dishes, but that is not to say that you yourself must be overloaded with work on the morning of 1 January. Pick and mix from the ideas below, and make everything ready beforehand! Then the only thing you need to do in order to start the new year you fridge open and pulling something slide it into the oven. Tasty!

Something to lubricate

A brunch without bread, that is like a café without beer. Care for a variety of sandwiches, but know that your hard baker perhaps also somewhere to have brunch. So buy hotelbroodjes and small lot (for example on the corner) that you can baking in the oven. Also crackers are convenient to serve.

For fun: save the 31st for yourself to bake and experiment with them.

Bread with gorgonzola, parmezaankaas and ham


Country bread with walnut, fig, and raisins


Chocolate bread

Something salt

The bread is already there, now something to lubricate it. Provide a plate with different kinds of cheese, some fish and a plate of delicious charcuterie. You live without fear when shopping, and choose for sophisticated Italian or Spanish products, or go just for oerklassiek and serve upside down with pickles and other Flemish classics. Whatever you choose: serve quality.

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(Vegetarian) spreads make it much easier than you think. The only thing that you need, is a (leftover) vegetables of your choice, possibly some cream cheese or other thickener (chick peas do it good), and a blender. What inspiration you find here.

Something sweet

After a slice of bread with something salty, you may get one with something sweet. Provide all certainly a wide assortment of sweet fillings, such as chocolate and speculaaspasta, peanut butter, sprinkles,… Who knows do you want to start your own jam?

Homemade choco


Jam of pumpkin and vanilla



Also fruit is indispensable on a brunch, and especially when after a somewhat amusing oudejaarsfeest. So make a generous bowl of fruit salad. That is already nice in itself, but is even better with a blob of creamy yoghurt and a generous scoop of homemade granola.

Something fresh

Who with a sticky après-feestmond at the table, it will be grateful if he or she is met by a crunchy salad. Note, however, that you the dressing separately when you make your salad in advance, prepare. The best thing is to have a light salad to have full fruit and a solid, for example, with pasta or potatoes.

Salad of roasted red beets

Salad of green vegetables, and feta

Salad of white beans with smoked halibut

Salad with parmezaankaas and cubes of fried duck

Winter pompoensalade with watercress

Something hot

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Brunch, that means at least one dish with egg. Of course it is an option for everyone separate a paardenoog or omelet to bake or eggs to soft boil, but that we would rather not do. This year you can play quietly with your guests remain seated while your eggs ‘en cocotte’ self-cook in the oven. Make the bowls all ready beforehand, cover and slide them in the oven at the critical moment.

Also a soup can way in advance, like quiche. Bake that last day in advance however, each time a little less long than you normally would. So you can avoid the heat up in the oven a dry groentetaart.

Oeufs and cocotte with spinazieroom

Tarte tatin with shallots, oregano and goat cheese

Healthy quiche with turmeric, broccoli, nuts and fresh garlic

Soup with kalfsgehaktballetjes

Soup of winterpostelein with small cannelloni

Something to toast

ies, get your thirst of. Since 1 January, a few bottles of champagne, cava or prosecco will probably still be welcome, though it will not be forgotten part of your guests (also) prefer something non-alcoholic consume. Provide (freshly squeezed, preferably by a guest) sap, set your espresso machine, kettle and teas so that your guests, there is easy for the road to go find and create the day in advance, a can iced tea for those who just want more.

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Something to end with

A nice dessert to complement any brunchtafel. After such an exquisite meal should feel free to have something simple, where a nice cup of coffee or tea will fit. Presumably, you have only finished eating at vieruurtjestijd!


Not much time for breakfast with chocolate

Apple pie



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