This League will stop in 2019 at the latest, with the sale of the disputed lootboxen

The popular autovoetbalgame This League will stop in 2019 worldwide, with sales of so-called lootboxen, controversial-virtual name that allows players to objects to be able to win.

The lootboxmechanisme will be replaced by a system where the players in advance to be able to see what items they are buying, that makes a publisher, Psyonix on Wednesday announced on its web site.

Lootboxen are virtual treasure chests that players are often, directly or indirectly, for money to purchase and create any object or add-ons will to win. The mechanism is controversial, because the opening of the lootboxen, according to the critics, is very similar to gambling.

In both the Netherlands and Belgium, had since the beginning of april already, and more of the paid-for boxes to be opened. Psyonix has disabled the function to be carried out after the regulators in the two countries, the mechanism had to be pronounced.

Epic Games, the owner of game publisher, Psyonix, it was decided in January and also all with the lootboxen in Fortnite: a trip around the World, to different types of objects and players in the purchase of a treasure to buy.

The U.s. industry trade association, the ESA was on Wednesday that a number of member game publishers from now on the chances of winning are going to publish it. By 2020, it is also a requirement for all games released on the PlayStation, the Xbox, and Switch to the next.

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