This is why Desigual is successful, even though you know of no one who like it

Not a brand that people are more divides than the Spanish Desigual. Or are you wild, or makes you wild, but the Spanish label will leave no one untouched. Hate and love: they appear to be both an excellent fuel.

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In early June, the Antwerp Meir is usually startled by excited shouts and bare limbs – is not exceptional at the beginning of the zomersolden, but the last time the riots quite a bit more to the body, especially figuratively. The Spanish label Desigual challenges her Belgian fans after all, always out for the famous Seminaked Action. The intent? The first 100 customers who show up in their swimsuit may free two items of clothing together to shop in the large women Desigual flagshop store.

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A clever marketing stunt that the label for years with success organises, already came the for them too, probably as a surprise that the somewhat reserved Belgian without hesitation on the cart would jump. I stood there (journalistic obligation) , looked at it, and fumbled confused my lower jaw up from the cobblestones.

A Serious Business

Because no, Desigual is not mine on the top shelf, or for that matter on any shelf. I’m raised within a world of fashion, where labels away from each other, distinguished by ingenious snits and rich materials. Who wanted to impress did that through coupe, rarely using colour, and printstukken were only acceptable when Mary Katrantzou or Dries Van Noten the neckline had signed. The catwalks preached and the formats followed meekly. Brought Alexander Wang high rolkragen back, found Céline the time for the culotte, showed MaxMara leather pencil skirts or went to J. W. Anderson, resolutely neoprene; if you take pride in knowing that these items (or versions thereof), the streets would colors. The fashionistas rolled in a wardrobe which, although extensive and varied, nicely align with the ‘less is more’ principle. Fashion was a Serious Business, a subtle nod, a restrained nod.

Enter schreeuwlelijk Desigual, the label that people for thirty years, excited to the floral print and the driekwartsmouw. The brand in 2013 with a turnover of more than 820 million euro note and for 2014 brought in the cape of a billion: a success that is so high that I, to put it mildly strange that I didn’t in my own environment reflected see. I have no stuff from the label and I also know of no one that Desigual is wearing. That last, I can safely say, as a Desigualkledingstuk recognize you immediately.

© Desigual

Forgiving jersey wikkeljurken with large prints and busy colors. Jackets with polka dots or a paisley in reliëfvelours. Doorstikte boots and bags, fluttering knierokken, printed blousejes, jeans with embroidery and long cardigan in tricot; items that will always be the same type of woman to attract – at least that is how I saw it anyway.

The Desigualvrouw was by me equated to those who themselves like to have a “crazy box”, and at the hairdresser’s all the same shade of mahogany to grab, a colour which is more fashionable matters accentuate with a sierspeld with fabric flower. They that their summer dresses by the midseason drag through leggings and bolero’s and their handbag, shoes and pearl necklaces invariably kleurcoördineren.

The Desigualvrouw annoyed me as much as they fascinated me. Who were in godesnaam all these people who are unconcerned about what the big fashion houses (or more specifically: I) those prescribed by fashion magazines?

‘We versus them’ feeling

There is no brand that more polarizes than Desigual: for every enthusiastic fan, the label has, however, a fervent opponent of all that the last the brand clearly never to know harm. Indeed, the different marketing gurus recommended this strategy, opposites even. “Polarizing is better than somewhere in the middle to hang and no clear position to take,” writes branding specialist Erika Napoletano on the website of American Express. “So you create a strong” we versus they ” feeling. By making it clear where your brand stands, you draw people with similar values, and by adhering to these values, you can make them real fans who are willing you to spread the message, because they feel that they have to be part of this message,” says Napoletano, who, two years ago, the marketingboek “The Power of Unpopular’ put on the market.

Nail on the head, according to Desiguals managing director Manel Jadraque. “Desigual is and remains a lifestyle brand, but it is going to be so much more than fashion or accessories,” he explains. “It is a concept, a way of life. On our ijkman and woman is no breed, age or origin, but they have the same core values embrace the positivity, spontaneity and a dare to against the flow to swim.” By so strongly in to play on a shared view of life, feel the customers of Desigual is closely associated with the brand, says Jadraque. “Our customers are very loyal to us, so we are that to them.”

© Desigual

Although the label themselves, say that every season continues to reinvent, it will never engage in hype. “Of course, We use some contemporary influences in our collections”, whitewashed Jadraque. He cites, for example, the close cooperation with the fashion designer Christian Lacroix, who since 2011 a separate line for the label designs. “But the strength of Desigual is just that the brand is not trendy need to have. We go along with our time, but our spirit remains the same, and that shows in our products. I brand that our customers trust in creation. They know that when they come to a Desigual outlet go, they regardless of the season or the collection something to their liking will find it.”

“Design for people, not bodies”

Desigual is doing everything to make the ‘fun’ aspect of the brand in the paint to convert a command that is not literally enough. In addition to the Half-Naked ies during the sales, organize new Desigualshops then Paint ies, where the audience, the walls of the pristine white store plastering, such as, for example, in the shop of the Parisian Galleries Lafayette. The label based later even a collection on paintings. “We want our customers to not say how they should walk; we listen to our customers who tell us how they want to walk,” says Jadraque.

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 © Desigual

These actions of the brand are equally as bold as their mission statements. Thus, Desigual himself to every four years, the turnover of the company double. No empty promise, because the label already did earlier. It appears as if Desigual, that prijsgewijs still part of the lot uitdunnende mid, not notice of the economic crisis. Since 2010, the company may by the European and North-American expansion to an annual growth of 20% to count, and focuses fully on expansion to South America and Asia, where the first shops opened successfully. The first of many as it turns out, because in their most annual review explains Desigual that they are in the run-up to 2017 each year 100 new stores like, probably.

Pretty ambitious for a label that 30 years ago in a tweedehandsshop in Ibiza. Where the Swiss Thomas Meyer, the first stone laid with patchwork jeansjasjes and a few T-shirts, covers the Desigualimperium today almost every area of the popular retail: men’s, women’s and children’s fashion to accessories, shoes, cosmetics and interior. Since 2014 the label has also a private sportcollectie that extremely fast over the counter slide.

Dare to be different

Although Desigual is slowly but surely conquering the world, says the brand is not primarily concerned with its position in the market. “In a world full of horses, which broad do you want to be?” quote Desiguals expansion director Joan Rouras Rodriguez the economist Michael Porter. “Who strives to be the best or the biggest, assumes that there is only room for one. That is why we strive to be different,” said Rodriguez to

© Desigual

The first slogan of Desigual was not for nothing “It’s not the same”, a market strategy tailored to the examples of Apple’s “Think Different” campaign thirteen years before. The label fits the strategy, not only on the drawing board, where every year more than 1500 different styles from the pens of the design flow. Also the shops and the advertising campaigns are subject to this onderscheidingsdrang.

Whom a visit to the Desigual flagship store to see the product almost seamlessly merges into an equally busy environment: the walls with floral prints on the wall, a patchwork of coloured carpet on the floor. Large screens projecting a tv commercial featuring model Chantelle Brown-Young, who just feels comfortable with her skin disease vitiligo as with her outfit from Desigual. “I am the perfect match, because the clothes of Desigual are very busy print, just like my skin “, she would later jokes to the Daily Mail.

Floral prints, paisley, cheerful music and an eternal optimism: Desigual attracts the brand identity in everything they touch. And there will be nothing else than respect.

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