This is what happened in the case of Van Laarhoven

Today spoke to prime minister Ferd Grapperhaus, of Justice and of Safety and security to the Thai authorities on the case of Van Laarhoven. In this article, you can read what there is so far in advance.

In 2008, the Tilburg, Johan van Laarhoven and his wife and two children, for the kingdom of Thailand. He has over thirty years of successful coffeeshopbaas of the Southern part of the Netherlands with its four branches, for which he created The Grass Company in Tilburg and ‘ s-hertogenbosch. Three years later, he sold his company in order to fully relax in a Thai place.

Fall 2011

After Van Laarhoven in Thailand has been completed, the start of justice, a large-scale survey into The Grass Company. The main suspect of this investigation was to Johan van Laarhoven. In the beginning of the coffeeshophouder suspected of being involved in the trafficking of human beings, and the possession of large stocks of soft drugs. In the years that followed, several raids made by the police to look for evidence of this.

In June 2014

It wants to be Van Laarhoven be examined in a court of justice, however, has had the assistance of Thailand is required. Therefore, to send the Dutch authorities submitted a request to the kingdom of Thailand.

This request will be a month later in a letter to be repeated. Later in the year, Van Laarhoven on the occasion of the Thai investigation, were arrested. Van Laarhoven and his attorneys, trust the way of justice, and the Thai authorities will be contacted. Therefore, to complain Of the Laarhoven is with the Ombudsman, of which just a few months later, an investigation will start into the practice of it.

In November of 2015

Van Laarhoven is with the Thai court and sentenced to 103 years in prison. The prosecutors are accusing him of trafficking in soft drugs, which, in Thailand, it is illegal. Following an appeal, this will be updated to 75 years of age, that he would be there in twenty, certainly have to sit out. His wife, convicted as an accomplice.

The Thais would have a limited knowledge of the Dutch policy of tolerance around the wietverkoop. As a consequence, according to the advocates of the Van Laarhoven is no possibility of a fair trial. Van Laarhoven will also be delivered to the Netherlands. The Dutch State, however, continues to decline.

The summer of 2016

Anyway, it’s delivery to force it will exert By Laarhoven, a civil-law proceedings against the Dutch State. He believes to be a victim of a negligent act by the Dutch authorities. A comprehensive examination of a witness by the court in The Hague, the precise state of affairs to get. The public prosecutor’s office in which the case is treated under oath to testify to that.

In the spring of 2017 and will be the judge of that Van Laarhoven and testifies in his own case, but upon an application to him, to be delivered by the Thai people do not respond to it.

By July of 2017

Half a year later, the Dutch, known FOR Van Laarhoven, also in the Netherlands, and the judge. Along with him are three other leaders of The Grass Company is sued, who is the brother of the Van Laarhoven. The four are suspected of fraud, money laundering, fraud and participation in a criminal organization.

The trial will be delayed, because of the need to investigate what is real, the probability is that Van Laarhoven, to you can get.

March 2018

In the district court of Breda decides that the Van Laarhoven in the Netherlands, for the investigation of the charges against him were instituted legal proceedings. It argues, however, that this is not possible as long as the legal process in Thailand has not yet been completed. According to it, it can make sure that you still have until the end of 2019 at the latest time before he gets to you can get. According to the lawyers of Van Laarhoven, the conditions in a Thai jail, is horrific.

In march of 2019

The national ombudsman of the Reinier van Zutphen, has concluded in his research that the Dutch State has been negligent, has acted in the study of Van Laarhoven. The study began in 2016, and after that Van Laarhoven and his wife, when he had complained about the practices of the ORDER. The ombudsman considers that the complaint is well founded.

The national Obudsman Reinier van Zutphen

Research has shown that, within a few seconds of the initial request for assistance to Thailand, and in consultation with the zaaksofficier of justice at the time, Luke of Delft, a letter was sent to the Thai authorities. Therein it stood, among other things, the details that make an end and as a result saw himself as a criminal investigation.

In August of 2019

On Tuesday, it announced that the minister Grapperhaus, in a letter to the Dutch parliament that he will stay, it will have to travel to Thailand to have with the representatives of the Thai government in the case of Van Laarhoven someone to talk to. For the country TO have made it very clear in advance of meetings with the prime minister to have been talking about a trip to Thailand.

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Security and Justice)

Or is it that the minister is going to make it to the Van Laarhoven to the Netherlands, it is unclear as to the legal process in Thailand is not yet completed.

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