This is to put CELEBRITIES in Christmas at the table, “a Pig in the kerstontbijt’

The holidays are the perfect time to make a nice deal with a large swimming pool with a beautifully set table. Vjeze For the men of the Cartridges of Babylon, and kookboekenschrijver Vanja van der Leeden and tell what is it these days to their loved ones to serve, and to share their best tips for a perfect christmas dinner.

His Tratlehner, which is also known as the Vjeze For it, share it on Instagram and regularly kookfilmpjes, and brought in a cookbook for Good by Fred from it. In addition, mmaking he has been a member of The Youth Of Today.

What are you going to this year’s cooking?
“Our christmas tradition is to have a bouillabaisse (a dish cooked of fish, ed.). and to make it. I’ve had it once at a cooking class learned how to make it, and it was very successful. Since then I have had it for about seven, eight times and made it. It is fun, and it takes a long time to make, so you’ve really got the christmas meal in progress. It is something that just pours it on any given Wednesday night. The rest of the menu, we have not yet determined, this is the only thing that is already certain.”

The children of the rapper, has a son, two years old, and is a son of a few months, ed.). a special dinner.
“That food is absolutely to join in with the adults. They don’t have a separate court system, that it would not. Last time, I’m out with my son to be the Japanese been up to. All the boring stuff he found nothing, but things such as fish roe and fermented vegetables, and found it very good. I am proud of the fact that it won’t be boring food. We are going to eat anything, and that is what he is used to it.”

What is your most memorable christmas?
“Every Christmas is special, as long as you are with loved ones celebrating. What I especially remember is that we are to be celebrated in Austria, between the white mountains and in the Alps. That was really a fully-Wham! with the Expense of Christmas. With a family in a little house near the fireplace, and one with a bathtub and a shower.

What are the kerstdinertip do you give others?
“You can also think of the animals as you are with the Christmas meat to eat that you enjoy and that you know that they are living the good life they have had. They also have a fine life, have had their family. I will eat itself, rare meat, maybe two or three times a year. For Christmas, I would be no exception to the rule.”

What are you going to this year, the cooking on Christmas day?
“Something Indian. I will go and have a Balinese-Borchetta-making. It’s perfect for the holiday season; it’s a great piece of meat, but it is not expensive and it is not too difficult to prepare. Something like that, you can eat with a small group, but it’s at least ten people. For instance, I might have oysters or a salad of mixed lettuce, notensaus.”

What would tip do you give others?
“If you get ten people to cook, it is best to get the oven to work. You’re making it yourself is so much easier. I also think that people’s Christmas will not be too difficult to do. All of that stress, I find, is such an enormous load of crap. Keep it simple and try, perhaps a dish that you have ever made, and will keep the continue to the place where you get to experience with you.

Vanja van der Leeden’s kookboekenschrijver, and the winner of this year’s award, the Gold cook Book, for who love Rock and roll.

Is it different each year to cook and eat?
“I have nothing to do with tradition and do actually every year is something different. Last year, we did a veggie at lunch, and we had a roast spruitentak as a main course. Which is fine, but it is important, however, for there are plenty of side dishes to be served. If you can’t with what I have, it is important to make it easy to adjust to each other, because it is such a mixed bag of mayonaisesalades or just the dough, or frituurhappen.”

For those who cook for you?
“I love to cook for my brother and his wife and children, my mother and my family. That’s nine people. My philosophy is that the children are using all of them to eat, but this year, I will do what sateetjes or a meat loaf for them, as Indian food sometimes is too spicy for them. For the kids, you don’t really have to work hard, because they are very happy with the chicken and rice.”

Hugo’s Knowledge, and the Jasper, Gottlieb, together with Marius Gottlieb is in The Pudding, of Babylon, and will present a program for 24Kitchen. Knowledge is also the winner of Expedition Robinson, by 2019. In may of 2020, bringing the three of them have their first book out.

What are you going to this year, the cooking on Christmas day?
Jasper Gottlieb: “I’ve got it all behind your back, because I was the First day of Christmas vacation to go. I have been talking with my brother, Walks in five-course, cooked for twenty men. We made a kid of the goats, and there is an ethical idea: we are going to eat a lot of goat cheese, but that of the females is made. With the males, we don’t do anything, and that is to be destroyed. The meat was very good.”

Note: “On Christmas day I’m cooking. On the Second day of Christmas, I go every year for my father, where we are with the whole family, the Knowledge of food according to a theme. On the 6th of december, and the family is the first hint that we’re getting up to on christmas Eve, and at 00: 00 hrs, we had our answer and send it in. For a time, was the subject of Colombia, and my father opened it like Pablo Escobar. Since I have the whole year to cook, my dad wants me to release it, but he is not a very good cook, and is therefore nite, I’m usually with my dad in the kitchen.”

You will often be asked to cook?
Gottlieb: Yes, we have fucked all three of them. However, we do not prefer it. We have a solid group of friends with up to nine people, and the cooking we do most of the time. Difficult, is that everyone has a different diet, then that is what we have with our friends are badly chosen. One is to eat vegan, and not gluten-free, so that is always a puzzle. Typically, we have three different bowls on the table.”

From left to right: Sean Gottlieb, Hugo, Knowledge, and Marius Gottlieb

What is your most memorable christmas?
Gottlieb: “We’d be on a skiing holiday and along with my brother, we met Hugo and his his press. It was snowing that day and very, very hard, and we were in Eindhoven, snowed in, and there was 1 feet of snow. Even broke down and drank from the previous day’s event, we will meet at Hugo’s family and to the kerstontbijt, and we had the leftovers for dinner that night, and there was even a suckling pig on the table.”

What are the kerstdinertip do you give others?
Note: “don’t Go trying to make something which you’ve never cooked a meal. Do you have a signature dish and make it better, make it more fancy. It saves you stress, then you can have a drink with the family, and meedrinken and you are not down in the kitchen.”

Gottlieb: “Preparation is everything, so you can be on the same day, only the table will need to cover up. Or make a stew.”

Note: “this is a great tip! You can even have two days ahead of time to make, but it is only better for it.”

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