This is the most beautiful medieval village in Italy

A village that is completely destroyed by an earthquake and by the inhabitants single-handedly re-built, was voted the most beautiful medieval village in Italy.

© Vid Pogacnik, Wikicommons

In 1976, a severe earthquake, to ensure that the town of Venzone in the unknown region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia like a house of cards collapsed. Now, 40 years later, it is voted the ‘most beautiful medieval village in Italy’.

That is entirely due to the efforts of the inhabitants. Immediately after the earthquake, they began the careful reconstruction. Each stone took its original spot back.

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The wall of the city, the church, the fountains, the houses, the narrow streets, all built in Venetian style…. it looks like it’s been around for centuries, no trace of the devastating earthquake.

Only the Museum Tiere Motus, where you can see how Venzone dropped off the map was and years later kicked up to the “piu bel borgo d’italia’, reminds us of the earthquake.

Venzone has yet another special attraction. In the 17th century, under the cathedral 42 mummies found. They proved to be by a natural cause to be mummified, probably by a bacterium that the body at high speed dehydrateert.

After the earthquake, there are only 15 mummies remaining. Five of them are to be seen in the crypt of the St. Michael chapel.

The Duomo, Venzone in 1976. © YukioSanjo, Wikicommons

The Duomo now. © Nazzarenoagostinelli, Wikicommons

© Sebi1, Wikicommons

© Joadl, Wikicommons

© Jean-Marc Pascolo, Wikicommons

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