This is already known about the operating system Android Q

Google last week at its developer conference itself Google I/O new features of Android Q show. This is everything we know so far of the new mobile operating system.

Android 10 (Q) is the successor of the current version Android 9 Pie. Developers already have access to b`eta’s of the system and Google has several features disclosed. Android Q is officially only in August on the first aircraft available.

Dark mode

Android will for the first time, a dark mode that the whole operating system is implemented. This are backgrounds, menus, and reports dark. Letters are displayed in white.

This Android Q quieter eyes in dark environments and in the evening. In addition, consume oled screens less energy. The dark display is created by pixels that are turned off.

The ‘Dark Theme’ is not automatically implemented in separate apps. Developers should have there own support for installation.

Focus mode

Google has a focus mode are presented. Allows users to distracting apps and they are offside. Icons of the apps are grayed out and reports are no longer by. That should ensure that less use is made of it.


In Android Q is also a new way added to smartphones to operate. Instead of three virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen, for example, to a previous screen or the home screen to open, people can use swipes to navigate.

At the bottom of the screen is a white bar. From there, users can swipe up to get to the home screen. By quickly horizontally over to sweep, switch users between apps. From the home screen swipe people up from the middle to the appdrawer (the list with all installed apps) to open.

Support for folding screens

Google adds support for foldable phones. Android Q work this with screens without a fixed size, which is bigger and smaller. Apps can adapt to the size of the display.

Several manufacturers are working on phones with a foldable screen. Under more Huawei and Samsung have this kind of devices are already shown.


First impression: What does the first folding phone from Samsung?


A new feature by Google ‘Bubbles’. These are small windows that users in the picture, on top of other open apps. So it is possible to, for example, a chat window, while the user a YouTube video.

The windows are in the shape of a bubble made smaller, so that they do not really stand in the way. Google says that the feature in addition to chat also to use for reminders and tasks.


Google brings a number of privacyupdates to Android Q. So the Settings app a new privacyvenster which allows users to their privacy settings can customize. It pertains for example to see which apps have access to the location of a user.

Also comes Google with a new incognito mode for Google apps. In Android Q users can use them in YouTube, Maps and Search. This activity of the user, not stored.

It is also possible institutions in the area of ads to match. Users can receive personalized advertising off. In addition, to determine the extent to which activity is recorded.


For the hearing impaired or people who like to follow along with the speech, adds Google the function ‘Liveondertiteling’. Videos, podcasts, and other media with speech are displayed directly on the screen with subtitles.

Google also makes it possible to without sound or speech to make and receive calls. Words of the caller will be issued, so your message will receive when you do not understand. The one who is called can respond by typing and the stemassistent reads that back to the caller.

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So, Google accessibility features useful for everyone


Google takes reports under the hands in the new version of Android. The biggest change is that users of incoming messages pre-programmed messages can be used to quickly reply. Android Q looking to the context of messages to give suggestions.

Also, the priority of notifications re-classified. With the “Notification Assistant” notifications on the basis of priority are classified and displayed. If the system thinks a message is important, is that at the top of the screen. Something less important messages below. Users are able to order itself always customize to your liking.


With the new operating system will be phones supported that work with the 5G network. This makes the connection much faster and more stable.

In the Netherlands, is the 5G network this year are not yet available. Also, here are no phones on the market with 5G support.

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Security updates

From Android Q Google system and security updates through the Play Store available. That should ensure that users of this type of update is faster received.

On earlier versions of Android had some of the smartphone users wait a long time for new updates. This is because phone manufacturers, the updates from Google should customize them for individual devices to make them suitable. That sometimes takes months.


Android Q get a new panel. When sharing a link is a preview, so that users can see what the receiver looks like. Also links directly to be shared to people in different apps and copy them to the clipboard.

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