This is a small motorhome that turns into a boat is the coolest summer vehicle

You don’t have to choose between your camping and sailing weekend.

Germany Sealander camper, a cozy trailer-hitched camper that easily turns into a more-worthy houseboat with a few minor adjustments.

So if you have no space for a tent, just use all the open water on beautiful, quiet lake. Plus, you don’t have to worry about that on the ashes of the fire in your sleeping bag.

The Sealander is made for both sit dry under the stars, with its convertible roof, or take a quick dip with the built-in handle and a ladder. The camper is only 1100 pounds, so it is easy to pull.

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The only downside is that you don’t exactly throw a huge house party. The interior is just 13 square metres and has seating for six people. Seats also folds out into a bed. It doesn’t sound too comfortable for the whole family to enjoy at one time, but it is probably very suitable for a romantic getaway.

What it lacks in the seating area, the Sealander makes up for in storage. The interior can be customized with a refrigerator, a grill or even a toilet. Now you never have to leave your camper.

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The small camper can drive about 5 miles per hour, but it is only meant for obtain to the water. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to sail on the waves.

Of course, the cost for the perfect compact summer holidays currently runs just under $30,000 CAD (about $ 22,000 USD).

Currently, the Sealander is only available in Europe and Canada, but according to Maxim, the company complies with the safety standards of countries around the world.

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