This is a Dutch couple and have nothing but praise for the crew cruise ship Westerdam

Not all of the people in the netherlands are positive about their time in the netherlands cruise ship Westerdam. Passengers, Joe van Niekerk and Neline Simon have been full of praise for the crew and the shipping company Holland America Line (HAL). Thursday morning (local time) the ship was in the Cambodian port city of Sihanoukville.

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According to the two players, the entrance HALL is ‘very generous’ was set up. “The atmosphere on board was great and never had a threatening situation, or something like that”, they say.

At the moment, there is still a lot of confusion about the final destination of the Westerdam, said a Dutch passenger on board the ship. The experience on board, which board was given the information on the Westerdam would be poor, although it came to the crew, however, be helpful about it.

Niekerk and Simon have to say the image of the “poor provision of information, or an unprepared crew,” is not recognized. Also, the other passengers were “really full of praise for the crew, the captain, and the organization,” said the couple. They are, however, happy that they “will soon have solid ground under our feet,” and that it now be clear.

49Nederlands a cruise ship, the Westerdam has arrived in malaysia

Cruise tourists are waiting to board in may

At the time of speaking, and wait Niekerk and Simon, along with all the other 1.453 passengers until they are on shore and allowed to leave. Before the passengers board, they need to have a medical check-up to undergo.

Also, according to the couple, still about a hundred visas to be created. The ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that the employees of the british embassy in Bangkok to go to Cambodia to suriname to the Dutch, passengers on them.

The HALL will arrange and pay for all of the passengers to make the trip to the airport in Cambodia. From there, anyone can go to his or her country and fly back again. Also, everyone will get your money back and a voucher for a future cruise with the company.

Passengers will have views of the Cambodian port city of Sihanoukville. (Photo: a van Niekerk)

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