This centuries-old vial of blood suggests 2017 is cursed

File photo, The archbishop of Naples has a flask believed to contain drops of liquid blood of San Gennaro in 2006. (AP Photo/Salvatore Laporta, File)

And you thought 2016 was a rough year. Humanity is apparently in for a disaster which is equal to the second world War or an epidemic of cholera, based on an ancient vial of blood.

According to the legend, a woman collected the blood of the Holy Januarius, or San Gennaro as the pious bishop of Naples who was beheaded as Christianity was attacked around AD 305—and kept it in a glass bottle, reports Viewfinder.

Then a “blood miracle” in 1389: the clotted blood liquid. The archbishop of Naples, and now this “blood miracle” shake the vial in front of thousands, until the blood liquid, on three important days of the year, the most recent of which is Dec. 16.

(Mount Vesuvius erupted on that day in 1631, and Naples was said to have been protected by the saint.) And even last week. A website claims that when the blood miracle—which is “not fully approved by the Catholic Church,” a Week—has failed, 22 epidemics, 19 earthquakes, four wars, and various other tragedies have followed.

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When the blood last failed liquid in the 1980’s by an earthquake struck 30 km from Naples, killing 2400 people. The blood remained clotted in 1939, the year that the second world War began.

But “we should not think of calamities,” says the local abbot, according to the Catholic News Agency. “We are people of faith and we must pray.” For what men of science think that the New York Times in 1991 reported on a study that suggested medieval chemists could have created artificial blood that would be liquid on shaking.

The researchers concluded, the church would not allow the bottle to be opened and analysed. (The blood is partially liquid for Pope Francis.)

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