This can be the best food on a hot summer day

This can be the best food on a hot summer day

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The higher temperatures here make for a lot of people for a reduced feeling of hunger. According to nutrition experts, however, it is not a problem to temporarily to eat less.

“The majority of the Dutch people may be a little bit less food. This hot weather and a reduced appetite is more of a risk for sick people, the elderly and children, groups that are often already too little to eat,” says Wendy Walrabenstein, a dietician and author of the book Food body mind.

“The average Dutchman eats rather too much, but too little fruit and vegetables, so perhaps that with the warm weather correctly enough to ingest, because they want lighter food”, think Walrabenstein.

Dietician at Harriet and Cool it is with Walrabenstein. “Indeed, it is really not very for a day or a few days to eat less. If you find that you suffer from a decreased appetite, you do not require to eat any shortfalls.”

“People eat less by bloating ”
Harriet Cool, dietician

An explanation for the decreased appetite can be that there is less energy needed for the body to maintain. According to Cool eating people due to the heat, also less because they retain moisture and therefore suffer from bloating.

“Therefore, try to the carbohydrates, especially the fast carbohydrates (such as in non-whole wheat pasta and bread), to omit. Carbohydrates increase bloating. This move also often less when it is very hot, what the hunger also does not promote.”

“I think that the tendency to with this hot weather, easier to eat,” says dietician Walrabenstein. “People don’t want to have to cook and choose a side – and klaarmaaltijd. Then do not eat them less and they get probably enough or maybe even too many calories.” For people who recognize this, has Cool has a tip: “If you have the time, try earlier in the day you have dinner already prepared. Than you do in the evening, possibly just to warm up.”


Cool find salads are the perfect dish for a summer’s day. “With a lot of vegetables in it, legumes, and something your protein, such as fish, chicken, cheese and nuts. Also nice is an untethered soup with pureed vegetables. Soup can also be cold food, such as gazpacho (a cold, Spanish tomato soup, red.).”

Walrabenstein recommend that during the hot days, fewer animal products to eat. “These products are more susceptible to spoilage. Opt instead for vegetables, supplemented with a little (whole wheat) pasta or potatoes, and legumes. Black beans are delicious in a salad, and chickpeas combine well with couscous. In combination with whole grains provide these products a feeling of satisfaction.”

‘Summery’ ingredients

Good kitchens with warm weather, the inspiration to pick from according to Walrabenstein the Asian, African and Thai cuisine. “That offer light dishes with “summer” ingredients like coconut, lemon and ginger. Also the Moroccan cuisine fits in well with the summer, think of a couscous.”

“You better have two bananas to eat than a biscuit”
Wendy Walrabenstein, dietician

In between is a fresh piece of fruit is always a good idea, but the dietician says that a lot of people are afraid to be too much to eat fruit because of the sugar that’s in there. “In my practice I meet people who do not have more than one banana to eat, because they are afraid of becoming fat. But you can better to have two bananas to eat than the fruit is replaced by a biscuit. Eat the fruit, however, as you also find in the nature. If you sap of make the fibres will be lost again and you get mainly a lot of sugar inside, also because you have a lot of fruit need to have enough juice to make.”


Cool emphasizes also the fruit that tempts to overeating, such as grapes and cherries. “Then you get quite a lot of sugar inside. Opt instead for strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. That contain less sugar than grapes, and cherries.”

What beverages are water, tea and coffee according to Cool one of the best choices. “Water you can decorate your by out, for example, lemon and mint to add. Be careful with alcohol, especially later in the evening. That extracts moisture to your body.”

“Athletes need to be careful with protein”
Wendy Walrabenstein, dietician

People who during the warm days sports don’t have much extra to eat, says Walrabenstein. “Protein powders or sports drinks are not necessary. Of course you can go for the sports or a banana to eat, and for muscle recovery then something eiwitrijks, such as a peanut butter sandwich. It threatens soon to have than too much protein to take in, especially now that sportschoolgangers nowadays often be tempted to protein shakes or other products to eat. Too much protein can damage the kidneys, so pass this on.”

Finally, ice-cream, the most popular snack during summer days. Water ice is in the opinion of Walrabenstein is the most sensible choice. “Ice cream is insidious because you’re there quickly to a lot of eating by the combination of sugar and cream. Of course, a roomijsje occasionally best, but every day is too much. You can, incidentally, very tasty ice-cream by banana freeze and then blending it.”

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