This can be done with the unused spices in the pantry (spoiler: a lot)

If you regularly cook, no doubt, many of the smaakverrijkers, such as mustard, and tahini, in a house that unemployment in the cabinet. Sin is Severine, Meijer, horecadocent and a private chef. “You can use it for many other dishes for which you initially purchased.”

Once in the kitchen, I worked a lot with natural products that have the taste of a dish, enhance, or enrich. “Often there’s been a lot of seasonings in the home,” says Meijer. “There’s plenty to play around with it. And to combine, as there is a lot more than you might think.”

Take, for example, horseradish. It was perfect with the beetroot and smoked salmon for christmas dinner, but, the game is now in front of the door of the fridge, next to the other jars, and bottles, which have a longer standing there.

“Horseradish tastes good on meat and fish, but it is also delicious in mashed potatoes, for example parsnips or potatoes,” says Meijer. “Or the tangy and fresh with a mixture of escarole or collard greens.”

Really make a difference

  • Chili sauce: in pasta, putanesca, in the place of the red pepper
  • Sauce: in a vinaigrette with the lemon juice and the sesame oil through the eastern groentesalade
  • Lemon: as a substitute for vinegar in salad dressing and homemade mayonnaise
  • Ketchup: the tomato soup is when this is just a little bit too sour

Inspiration to keep ahead of the other deep fried snacks, or with a block of cheese, but it fits in with a lot of other choices. “To be a citizen of the mushroom, for example,” call Meijer. Or a mustard-yoghurtdip with vegetables, such as carrots or cucumbers.”

Also, Cream cheese is a huge flavor enhancer. “It’s a lot of ‘umami’, and are doing well in vegetarian dishes,” says Meijer. “Risotto is a classic example of this, but it is also in vegetables such as celery and carrot – which is something sweet to have, it is good to give you front-to-back.”

No off-the-shelf spice blends and more

The same is true for herbs and spices. Often, you will find that more than half of the pots were under a thin layer of dust in the kitchen cupboard. “We have grown accustomed to ready-made mixes for curries and pasta, for example, you have to buy it,” says Meijer. “But you will be able to run your own spice blends to make that into a separate jar is kept.”

Create your own currymengsel:

  • 2 tablespoons of coriander seed
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 2 tsp black peppercorns
  • 2 tsp mustard seeds
  • 2 pieces of cloves
  • 3 dried chillies, crumbled
  • 1 tsp fenugreek
  • 1 tsp kurkumapoeder

Using ketchup, make your own kruidenrub’ to eat meat or fish to your body. “Do you, for example, salt, sugar, cumin, pepper, salt, chili powder and a couple tablespoons of ketchup,” explains Meijer points out. “Mix all the ingredients and leave the meat, for instance, pulled pork, at least twelve hours of marinating. A great place to jackfruit by the way, that you only have a few hours to marinate.”

With tahini, best known for the hummus and the baba ganoush, it is also great with meat or fish, marinate it, know that Meijer. “And it’s also delicious in a sauce of yogurt, lemon, mint, or parsley, with a side salad.”

It is, according to Meijer anyway for your spices and herbs periodically to make changes as they lose flavour over time. Buy, therefore, it is not too much at a time,” advises that they are. “Although this is very tempting because it is relatively cheap it is.”

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