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Restaurants and bakers are often left with a surplus at the end of the day. Those surpluses go then unfortunately the garbage in. The app ‘Too Good To Go’ puts a stop to. Via your computer or your smartphone, you can search for overschotjes at democratic prices.

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The idea behind the Too-Good-To-Go is very simple. Via an app you can bakers and restaurant operator let you know whether they have excess. The users of the app can then make their choice from the list of possible locations and place an order. For a small sum, the orders are then retrieved. The disadvantage is of course that you need to wait until the normal lunch – and avondshift past. But there’s nothing stopping consumers from around 16h in advance a supper on the head tap after the lunchshift or a lunch for the next day around 23h.

The concept was a year ago, introduced in Denmark. Since then, the company expanded the app to various European countries, such as England, Germany, Switzerland, France and Norway. There are plans to expand and the next destination is New York. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a Belgian version, because the concept would be a lot of unnecessary food wastage control.

The creators of the app are in dialogue with the restaurant operator and daklozenorganisaties to avoid food that normally is donated to the homeless now sold for profit. The ultimate goal is to reduce waste and not to homeless people the chance of free food. (LP)

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