Thirteen of the dead by a car bomb in the ‘safe zone’, north-east Syria

A car bomb at a market in the Syrian town of Tel Abyad, near the Turkish border Saturday for the lifetime to be claimed at thirteen, report, Turkish state media and the Syrian Observatory for human Rights. There were more than thirty people injured.

Tel Abyad is one of the border towns, which in the last few weeks under artillery fire during the Turkish invasion of the north-east of Syria. The Turkish troops arrived on the 9th of October, in the border area to set up a ‘care for the Syrian refugees in Turkey are staying.

The attack is as yet no one has claimed it. The Turkish authorities believe that the Kurdish YPG army from behind the attack, which they do, they have the authority, in the north-east of Syria. Turkey considers the YPG as a terrorist organization.

On Friday, kept the Turkey, and Russia for the first time, a joint grondpatrouilles in the region, after a deal had closed, to the YPG in the region to fend them off.


Syrians put out fires after a car bomb exploded in the ‘safe zone’

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