Third baby was Ellemieke Vermolen not obvious

Third baby was Ellemieke Vermolen not obvious

Ellemieke Vermolen and her husband chef Sergio Herman is expected in march, their third child, but this pregnancy was not granted. “We are, I think, two years have been working in the medical mill.”

“We have ivf attempts, but that didn’t work for me. Then we followed under the guidance of the natural cycle. This was absolutely no fun, but I have a whole geduldigde, quiet man me enormously supported,” says the ex-presenter in the Flair. Ultimately, the set is still a month long to try for a third baby. “In that month I was pregnant. It is as if it had to be so.”

According to Vermolen was her husband, with whom she children, Noah (7) and please call to book an (5), are not immediately excited about a third child. “He was not,” oh yay, a third party, let’s go for it’. He found two children to be good, because he already has two from a previous relationship. Five children, he found quite a responsibility. But I have always said: I want to my fortieth, but then no more. I did have a time lock.”

Vermolen, which is now forty years old, looks her age not as a problem. “I am very happy that I now have my third child. I would have rather experienced it before, but the circumstances did not allow it.”

In comparison with her previous pregnancies, she remarks that she is more relax able. “In the first and second I was very worried: lives of the baby still, I can feel it move, it is all there on or? I have that with this pregnancy, much more is released. Maybe it is also because this is the last time is that I am pregnant. I am therefore aware that I really should enjoy.”


Vermolen was known as the presenter of programmes such as News, Jobs, and Housing, Puzzeltijd, but blogs now about nutrition. She has been living ten years in the Belgian town of Knokke, where they are in the beginning often lonely. “I came from vibrant Amsterdam and ended up in a village where everything is at six o’clock in the evening close.”

“There are plenty of moments that I thought: what am I doing here. That is one of the reasons that I very soon am pregnant become,” she says. “If you are pregnant, you will meet many people, and especially since the kids to school like that, I have a very large social circle made up.”

It took a while before Hermans realized that Vermolen everything had given up to be with her husband in Belgium. “At one point he realized that he otherwise had to do, because his two children Boy and Moon from his previous relationship, not at all seen grow up from his work.”

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