Thijs Zonneveld thinks that Formula 1 example is for road racing on tv

Thijs Zonneveld is the way cycling is live on broadcast tv obsolete. According to the wielerjournalist would channels inspiration will need to gain in the Formula 1.

Also find Zonneveld the picturesque omgevingsbeelden of churches and castles that during cycling races as the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia will be shown not more of this time. “It is still in the picture as in the seventies,” he says in an interview with Panorama.

“It is incredible that the cameraman is still on the shoulder of the driver looks to show how hard it is. Then I think: take a cue from Formula 1.”

“In theory, it is that boring. They are always the same buttons. And yet they, as a race, from the car and with a lot of data, picture-perfect.”

Cyclists with cameras on their helmet

The 38-year-old Zonneveld would welcome if, for example, cameras on the helmets of the riders to be confirmed: “I think that it will definitely catch on. It seems to me that the in each case top. You log on to your favorite driver and you on the second screen, can watch as if you were riding a bike.”

In addition, would the televisieregistratie of cycling, according to Zonneveld with less long stages more attractive.

“For example, 100 km instead of 200. Then challenge your riders to earlier and it is even more explosive.”

‘Wait and see’

The columnist and author, is mainly the flat stages that often in a bunch sprint finish to a long time.

“Of course, I understand that people are a bunch sprint. That I find also. But not if I need six hours for nothing have looked,” said Zonneveld.

“But yes, it is wait and see what the organization is going to do. The best would be to them everything in the old keep. And that I would find really quite a shame.”

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