These signs drivers detect using of mobile phones

The united kingdom is the introduction of high-tech traffic signs to crack down on phone use while driving.

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The use of your phone while driving in the united kingdom? Expect a warning from a smart-board, at least if you’re in Norfolk. The province is the introduction of road signs that use of scanners for the electronic detection of the radio signals for the use of mobile phones are connected on a call and flashes a symbol on a sign on the road) with a mobile phone with a line through it for the offending driver to remind him or her of such behavior is a no-no.

The scanners differentiate between radio signals from mobile phones and Bluetooth signals, so the drivers use a hands-free Bluetooth connection to talk on their phones do not get a warning, the Telegraph reports.

But some phone users can get through, as the scanners will not pick up data connections from drivers with the help of internet service on their phones. Although the signs do not include the images, which means that no fines will be issued on the basis of the data they collect, the data will be shared with the police to arrange of possible restrictions in the future in areas where mobile phone use is most prevalent.

And one of the road safety spokesman tells the BBC the signs can be enough to at least make drivers “think twice” for the use of their phone while driving.

New Zealand, Argentina, and Slovenia is considering a similar technology. (Time for the police to “textalyzer” forces?)

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