These overseas shows have been cancelled due to the corona virus

Now that the corona virus spreads, more and more artists are forced to gigs to say. For a list of all the concerts outside of the Netherlands, who do not go on.

Dotan, it would be on 16 march, the tour will start in Toronto, ontario, Canada. As Dotan, from the Netherlands, would it be possible, he will be in from Toronto and will not travel to the Us cities of, Vienna and New York, where he also has a show planned, and had to stand. America, lets not currently, travelers from Europe, due to the action on the corona virus. He is after the dates of the shows are re-scheduled.

Dotan. (Foto: BrunoPress)


Well, Kensington says it will end their tour. The band had a total of seven shows are planned in, among others, to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna, austria. They can let you in with a post on Instagram will know that their concerts are now being planned for October. For the shows in Berlin and Hamburg will have a replacement date to be searched.

He Goes on (in the photo)

André Rieu has made his concerts in America were cancelled due to the corona virus. He should be between 13 and 22 march, eight-time performance in large concert halls. Goes on in the United States, and because of his performances this week were to take place. He said: “The well-being of our beloved fans, musicians, designers, and staff is always our top priority. Even though it’s a shame that we didn’t before, you are able to occur, it is at the moment more important for you to protect you.” Currently looking for management, the new dates for a concert tour in the united states. There are a total of 70,000 tickets are sold.

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 has been chosen to play concerts in Argentina and Colombia, on the 12th and the 14th of march, to allow it to continue. “We are very sorry that we let our fans down and we promise you that we will be coming back.”

My Chemical Romance

The American rock band My Chemical Romance did on 12 march, in a tweet, you know the upcoming shows at the Download Festival, the Dirty Honey Festival, held at the end of the march were to take place, will be cancelled. “The promoter from our shows in Japan, and asked for the show to be set up because of the health of the audience, and we’ve decided to follow that advice, and let the band know about it. The tape would start to come out with the news, if there is a substitute of the dates were found, but the news had already leaked out. The shows in Australia and New Zealand have been cancelled.

My Chemical Romance at the NME Awards in 2011. (Foto: BrunoPress)


Pixies, is known from, inter alia, Where, Is, My, Mind, has decided that the Australian part of their tour to them. There are still shows scheduled between the 12th and 17th of march. “It was a very difficult decision to make,” shows the band in a statement, namely, “the safety of our fans is always our top priority.” Coming soon, new dates will be announced. People who already have a ticket in to possession of have been able to save it for when the band will be in Australia, or get a refund at the point of sale.

Bikini Kill

Punk band Bikini Kill, who broke through in the early nineties, as a part of the riot grrrl genre, and on Facebook to let them know of the shows in the pacific northwest of the United States of america to be able to cancel it. The concerts would be in the march to take place. “We are extremely disappointed, and will try it as soon as possible the new dates that have to do with it, let the band know about it. Bikini Kill-squad in the tour to resume in may.

Bikini Kill during a gig at the Brixton Academy, London, by 2019. (Foto: BrunoPress)


The European tour of the American a capella Pentatonix is going through. This means that the show on the 28th of march and 2nd of april would be given in the SEA to Live is also void, as concert organizer Mojo know about it. Currently, it is necessary to find new data. Those with a card to be able to hold the new data, or their money will be returned to you.

Altin Days

English-Turkish-tape Altin on that day on Facebook the tour around the music festival Coachella, which has been rescheduled to the weekend of the 9th until the 11th of October, and the 16th to the 18th of October, and to be able to cancel it. “We are trying our tours again, in order to plan around the dates for Coachella in October,” according to the band, that is, in 2019 for a Grammy and was also nominated in the category of music from around the world.

The Group

The Group may, on the 11th of march does not occur in Austria-Kirchberg, tells the player Tren van Enckevort, on the Instagram of the band. “It’s a little weird. I’ve been in a couple of days, in the Kirchberg area, hoping to find the appearance of the morning. But, unfortunately, does not take place in connection with the corona virus. We are all so very wonderful. I’d very much like to be taken, also, to all the fans that are here all the time.” In Austria, as a precaution against the spread of the corona virus, events with more than 500 visitors, was canceled.


The Finnish metal band Nightwish has made the Chinese part of the tour was cancelled. The band, which is the Dutch singer Floor Jansen, frontwoman, is a statement that shows that in april, it would be, “I will not be able to go.” Soon, the group’s new dates are announced: the band will still be in October at the China olympics.

The Finnish band, Nightwish singer, Floor Jansen, during a performance in Manchester by the end of 2018. (Foto: BrunoPress)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has announced that it will no longer go to Australia and go to a concert on the 13th of march, after the forest fires of the past few months. The lead singer says, to the opinion of the authorities below. “I’m disappointed, but I’ve got to do what’s best for the health of the band and the team,” said Cyrus. She promises, however, have to make a donation to the victims of the fire.

Pearl Jam

The American rock band Pearl Jam announced that they will be the first leg of their Gigatonnes Tour in North America in cancel. In total, there are seventeen shows, of which the first one had planned on the 18th of march, by. The idea is that the concerts are again at a later date to resume.

Pearl Jam, with frontman Eddie Vedder, in the first part of the Gigatonnes Tour in North America, will be cancelled. (Foto: BrunoPress)

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber says not to concerts, but TMZ reports that his tour of the United States of america and Canada, and it is a lot smaller due to the corona virus. He has made a number of appearances on smaller stages, to move, to make sure that the rooms be full of come. The singer could be afraid that people will abandon for a visit, out of fear of further spread.

Andrea Bocelli

The concert of Andrea Bocelli in Paris, and in Antwerp on the 19th and the 21st of march, for the time being, been moved to the beginning of the month of June. The reason for this is that gatherings of more than five thousand people are not allowed to go to the French government. The concert is in Paris and is due to expire, and that it has “logistical and production impact” on the Belgian show”, said promoter Gracia Live.

Avril Lavigne

Singer Avril Lavigne must have her performing in Milan (16 march) and in Paris (march 26) to cancel their appearance, due to the decisions from the French and Italian governments. Had they been on Twitter, will know that it’s the Asian part of the Head-Above-Water-World-Tour-no passage could be found. “Please, please, all, take care of yourself and stay healthy and fit. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and we hope soon to have new dates to announce,” concludes her message.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Musicalcomponist Andrew Lloyd Webber has announced that the premiere of the new musical ” the Left will have to be postponed. The series of performances in Gillian Lynne’s Theatre in London, will now begin on the 9th of October. The official premiere is on the 28th of August to the 28th of October to move. “In light of the circumstances in the world, seemed to be of a later date for us to be wise,” said the composer, in a statement.

Louis Tomlinson

In the former, One Direction singer, has been performing in the Italian Milan on the 11th of march will be cancelled due to the virus. “I was really looking forward to my tour to italy, but to the health and safety of my fans is so much more important than anything else,” said Tomlinson.

Singer Louis Tomlinson has made his appearance in Milan will be cancelled. (Foto: BrunoPress)

Festival Of Winter

The winter edition of the Festival, which will be between 14 and 21 march, to be held in the resort of l’alpe d’huez, will not take place. The organization wrote on Instagram that the French government has decided to extend the festival to be cancelled. “The government is taking drastic measures with respect to the corona virus, and as a result, several major events were cancelled.” Amongst others, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano would be there.

Mariah Carey

The American singer would not be on march 10 in Honolulu, but allow us on Twitter will know that this is a concert not to go. Carey said the international reisrestricties have led them to the safety of the visitors under review and has to take it. Let them also know about its performance until this date.

Alain Clark

Alan Clark, april, and may, more concerts would be in China, you will won’t have to travel to the country. In please let the singer know that the organization is in China, it has been decided that the show would be cancelled. May be, the performances in October will be resumed.

Wolf Parade

The Canadian joins indie band Wolf Parade have announced that on Monday, march 2, at the scheduled concerts in Europe have to be removed. The band was supposed to that night in Utrecht’s TivoliVredenburg, play. “It could be very dangerous and risky place to be at this point in the tour,” said the band on Twitter. Also, let them know that the fans are their money-back with any questions. “We are working on new dates to the schedule, but they are not known to us.”

Iris Kroes

The former the Voice of Holland-winner Iris Kroes is on Sunday the 1st of march went to Japan, where a harpist, a few of the shows-if so, report them to Instagram. Crucible, the cruise ship, the Westerdam, for the Asian country to travel, but this trip has been cancelled, and her concerts are no more.


The South Korean boy band BTS has a variety of concerts in South Korea was cancelled due to the corona virus. It’s going to be performances on the 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th of april in the capital city of Seoul, korea. “We could not be other than the concerts cancellation,” says the band. “We hope that all of you will understand that this decision was made after careful consideration.” Fans who have a ticket and had to have their money back. K-pop group, which is Why it has performed concerts in Asia and Europe, and will be cancelled.

“We could not be otherwise than in these concerts, to cancel,’ says free wi-fi. (Foto: BrunoPress)

Green Day

The American rock band Green Day have concerts in Asia, which is on the itinerary will be cancelled. “We know that it is so, and we all looked forward to these events, but please keep your tickets as we will announce it shortly with new dates.” Green Day starting in march to occur in Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Taipei, hong Kong, and Tokyo, japan.


The Uk rapper, Stormzy announced a couple of weeks ago that he was in the Asian part of the tour claim. “I was very much looking forward to performing in sold-out performances, but because of all of the concerns about the corona virus, I’m unfortunately, this part of the tour to be,” wrote the rapper on his now-deleted Twitter account. Stormzy had concerts scheduled, among others, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul, korea.

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