These interactive movie posters to promote movies that are based on your mood

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AUSTIN, Texas-Imagine that the sight of an angry Dumbo in a movie poster when you are annoyed, but luckily when you get in a good mood.

That is the premise behind an interactive poster that supposedly reads emotions and promotes the movie based on how you feel.

It is a concept developed by Walt Disney Studios and its partner Accenture Interactive part of StudioLab, an initiative of the art of storytelling with new technologies. The interactive poster, which debuted at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival, makes use of facial recognition software.

“Your eyebrows for the surprise or your smile, for the joy, it reads the emotion that you’re showing, and what we do is that we respond to you with scenes from the movie that really reflect the emotion that you portray,” said Patrick Kennedy, digital transformation lead for media and entertainment at Accenture Interactive.

Disney and Accenture refused to say how much the posters cost or where or when they will be available.

“Interactive Movie Poster” uses facial recognition technology to feature scenes of a movie that match with someone’s emotions.
(Fox News)

At the SXSW conference recently, People in the row to the state in order to experience a prototype of the product, in which the live-action remake of Dumbo. They would look at a “mirror”, which in essence was a screen with a small camera on the side. Some smiled, and the technology recognizes appearance of happiness. They saw on the screen a movie that featured scenes with that emotion. Those who frowned saw the movie scenes with moments of anger.

“It’s pretty cool that the interaction with the poster,” said visitor Alyssa Carlos.

Kennedy hopes that the technology would eventually entice more people to head to the movies.

“We hope that when people go to the movies, they will see a movie poster for the next movie and a way to interact and really create that bond before that movie comes out. We think that this is an opportunity to encourage people to come back to the cinema to these deeper experiences,” Kennedy said.


“Interactive Movie Poster” recommended the live-action remake of Dumbo during SXSW. This trailer features a happy scene after recognizing a person’s feelings of joy.
(Fox News)


The Dumbo demo was not the only product that Disney and Accenture showcased during SXSW. They also had a booth showing how photogrammetry can dramatically reduce the time it takes to scout for TV and film locations. The uses of drone, 3D and photogrammetry technology to map and model potential sets.

“It is actually so that [a] location to be brought back to Hollywood, so that the driver can interact with this on a iPad by means of this application, plant a camera on the scene, and look, oh, what has that to look at my lens before I ever go there?” said Kennedy.

He said that the technology helps cut the time it takes to search for a film location.

“Photogrammetry as-a-Service is the process of finding a film location from months to weeks.
(Fox News)

“We do it in less than an hour, something that used to take three weeks to make a model,” Kennedy said.


He eventually wants to create a library of film locations that others can rely on in the future, that would also be a reduction of the production costs.

The photogrammetry and the interactive movie posters are still in development and will move on to the next phase of development later this year.

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