These CELEBRITIES fell in 2018 kilos off

Many people take in the new year for the pounds to fall off, but only a small percentage does this also after January, vol. These CELEBRITIES were there in 2018 in order to continue.
Nikkie Tutorials

The 23-year-old Dutch YouTube star Nikkie Tutorials (real name Nikkie de Jager) had at the beginning of december already know almost 23 kilos to lose her lifestyle to adapt. “Byebye 50 pounds”, she wrote on social media about the weight that they lost. The vlogger says the image to be able to use it as motivation to see how far she has come with her healthier lifestyle. “Sometimes you need your own inspiration.”

The Hunter lost the weight in about three months. This is her daily workout at a private gym and she has her diet changed. In conversation with the Beau Monde told them smaller portions to eat. “Since half a year I feel like I have a mental gastric’ve had. The first time I thought: why am I already full? Now I’ve embraced: top, I’m full!”

Richard Groenendijk

The comedian, who is in the program Ranking the Stars regularly by Paul de Leeuw was plagued with being overweight, succeeded in 2018 quietly in to a lot of pounds to lose. Just before Christmas showed Groenendijk know that he thanks to a medical diet for the first time in years, below the 100 pounds lost. The comedian tells a “so-called medical diet” to follow, under the guidance of a doctor. “But the hardest is yet to come; once at goal weight a stabilisatiefase of about a year, because I want to, of course, never to return. Or is that possible? We will have to see. Anyway, I’m more determined than ever.” Groenendijk will still have 5 kilos to lose weight to his goal weight to reach. On Instagram, he shares a video where you can see that he is every few hours a protein shake, should drink.


Richard Groenedijk drinks ‘non-stop’ protein shakes and

Patty Brard

The presenter underwent the beginning of this year a gastric. Because of this, she lost about 35 kilos, but also her lifestyle is quite changed. “Antoine (her partner, ed.) really should say to me: ‘Eat what’,” said the 63-year-old Brard in the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine. “I remember also always to the guests and ask them if they might want to. While food is always my life was: the more, the better. I wore just the sign is not on.”

Brard went before the gastric after a day of work on a regular basis to eat. The evening for her looks very different today. “That’s a good find, indeed. I may be everything, but of everything but an eighth. That’s not much, though. I eat now out of a soup bowl. If we go out to eat, I ask for a doggybag, and I have for three days of leftovers.”

Marc van der Linden

The royaltyverslaggever began his afvalpoging already in 2015, but also fell again this year, many kilos. Van der Linden still wants to not lose what he has managed to get a large piece of a slimmer body, but is in the process of writing a book about losing the pounds. Because he in a short time a relatively large fall, suspected people that Van der Linden a gastric underwent. He has, however, never said what weight loss method for him proved successful. “Not because I sure feel embarrassed, but because I have no one to help,” he says against

“A lot of people can’t do that they are too thick. I want to encourage them not to diet to diet to go – because it’s ultimately only thicker and aimed to find a solution that works for them. That is my message.”

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