These are the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung presents on February 20, his new topsmartphone, the Galaxy S10. In this article we will put the rumors and leaked information on a row.
1. Three models

Samsung choose usually in spring, the two Galaxy S phones. This time are reportedly three models on the planning. It is a successor of the samsung S9 the samsung S9+ and a completely new model. The completely new version would be cheaper than the other two and might receive the name Galaxy S10 Lite.

According to rumors, get the S10 Lite, an oled display of 5.8 inch. The regular S10 has a screen of 6.1 inch and the S10+ would be a greater oleddisplay of 6.4 inch. The S10 Lite has a flat screen, while the display of the other devices meebuigt in the edges of your screen to the side. That was in previous Galaxy S phones the case.

2. Finger print scanner in the screen

On the Vietnamese YouTube channel of Samsung are some short videos posted, in which new features of the S10 out of the paintings are done. Thus it can be seen that the screen of the phone lights up with an icon on a finger print scanner seems.

The video seems to indicate the coming of a finger print scanner in the screen. Users have their finger not on the back of the device to capture to unlock the device.

Allows Samsung used an ultrasonic finger print scanner. This would be a 3D scan of the fingerprint can be created for a better accuracy.

3. Smaller edges

Samsung would not choose for a notch, such as on the iPhone and various Android phones. Instead, it has the S10 above and below the screen thin edges. That would still be thinner become compared to the edges in the S9 and S9+.

Allows Samsung to use a hole at the front of the screen, which camera lenses to be processed.

4. More cameras and new features

At least one version of the Galaxy S10 will according to rumors three cameras on the back, probably the S10+. Reportedly the device has the same two cameras on the back as the S9 Plus, with the addition of a 16 megapixel camera with a wide angle lens.

With the new cameras can also better depth caught some portraits with a striking depth of field effect should produce. In addition, would Samsung have been working on a night mode called Bright Night, that well-lit pictures in dark environments.

From the Vietnamese YouTube videos shows in addition that the device improved image stabilization, that choppy image in movies should smooth out. Also, the users would have access to filming in 4K resolution.

5. Specifications

The Galaxy S10 will get in the Netherlands is probably Samsung’s new chip, the Exynos 9820. In the United States is the device with the new processor from Qualcomm, namely the Snapdragon 855. The chip must ensure that heavy programs smoothly and without any hitches run. Also be voice commands through Bixby and, for example, improvements in photos using artificial intelligence implemented.

The S10 Lite get 6 GB of ram and 128 GB of storage space. The regular version and the S10+ would be 6 GB or 8 GB ram with 128 to 512 GB of storage. There are also rumours that the S10+ up to 1TB of storage.

6. Prices

Sources of the Italian TuttoAndroid made in January of the possible prices for the Galaxy S10 known. It appears that the S10 Lite 779 euro would cost. The Galaxy S10 starting at 929 euros for the version with 6 GB ram and 128 GB of storage space.

The S10+ would start from 1.049 euros for the model with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage. The most expensive model is the S10+ with 12 GB ram and 1TB of storage. Therefore, the buyer would be 1.599 euro have to pay, although the price according to another lek in the Netherlands a hundred euro lower could turn out.

The prices are not yet officially by Samsung published.

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