These are the main rumors surrounding iOS 13

Apple announces in June the new mobile operating system iOS 13. In this article you will read all the rumors known up to now.

Apple holds every year in June a developer conference itself. During the openingspresentatie the company makes known its plans for innovations in Apple software. The operating system will in the autumn be available free of charge. Below, we collect the most important rumors.

Dark mode

On the iPhone and iPad will from iOS 13 probably be possible to make use of a dark mode. This white menu backgrounds replaced with black. Letters are then displayed in white.

The mode must ensure that the devices in the dark, calmer eyes. In addition, being consumed by the oled display of the iPhone less energy, because the black pixels are turned off. On the Mac it is since last year a dark mode.

New options for swiping

Apple would also have a new test option for keyboards. Thus, users are no letters more to touch, but they can swipe over letters to create words. It would seem to be on the way in which keyboard SwiftKey works.

There are iOS 13 possible new opportunities for veegbediening. So would sweep work, for example, typed words, to undo, by using three fingers to move around.

Sleep mode

Apple adds a sleep mode to the control panel. This switch to allow users to directly ‘do not disturb’, and the lock screen is dimmed. Also, there are no notifications anymore.

The sleep would be linked to Bedtime, the existing function in the Clock app. This will allow users to when it’s time to go to sleep.

Sharing options

The screen to the left and share photos on iOS 13 is adjusted. According to rumors, the window better organized. The software will propose as a receiver on the basis of how often the user something to share with them.

Hearing damage

Apple is planning to introduce a new part to add around the ear. Previously got iOS already has a way to make screens more yellow, which is better for the eyes. With iOS 13, attention also needs to come to hearing.

The component is part of the new Health app. Then, users can see how hard they play music and how loud the environment is.

To do lists

The Reminders app is improved. The app would be more like to-do apps in the App Store. The jobs are in four sections, divided: jobs today, all tasks, due tasks and flagged tasks. Each to do with colours are indicated.

Time amount to proper level for children

Time amount to proper level is extended. The section gives insight into how much use of the phone or tablet. With a new feature, parents can impose restrictions on the appgebruik of children.

A parent can set, for instance, that children can contact with their father or mother and with no one else.


Apple would also iMessage change. The app is rumored to be more at WhatsApp appear to. That means that users with a profile picture and name can be set, that others can see. Also, there is a menu to stickerversies of Animoji to share. That are virtual puppets on newer iPhones respond to facial movements of the user.

Improvements on iPad

With iOS 13 are also improvements for iPads added. So, the users would use a mouse on the iPad able to connect. In addition, multitasking will be expanded by windows to float. They can on top of each other to be slid such as on the MacBook.

Further would the home screen be customized, but it is not yet known how. An iPad would be thanks to iOS 13 can also be used as a second screen for the Mac. Users should have an Apple Pencil then to use the iPad as a trackpad or drawing tablet to use.

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