These are the main players on the Turkish incursion into Northern Syria

A forced alliance between the Kurds and the Syrian government of president Bashar Al Assad, is the latest development in the onslaught of the Turkish army in the North of Syria. An overview of the key players in the complicated conflict.
The Kurds

The Kurds are coming from, the geographic region in Kurdistan. That stretches diagonally from the north-west, Iran to the south-east of Turkey. The Kurdish community is a large minority in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, and is composed of about 35 million people.

The Turks and the Kurds were for centuries part of the Ottoman Empire, of which Turkey is the dominant country.

After the First world War was the Treaty of Sevres (1920) and the peace between the allied and associated powers and the Ottoman seal. It was used by the allies in the long term, small autonomous Kurdish states with Congress. In addition, it was the Ottoman Empire, even more punished Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, especially as to the West, the rise of Turkish nationalism wanted to be limiting.

The treaty of Sevres entered never into force, due to the objections of those of Turkish nationalists, among them the Father of the Country, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. In the final replacement, the Treaty of Lausanne (1924), it was not about the Kurds, said. The Ottoman Empire fell apart, and After, was founded the modern, secular Turkey.

The Turkish state attempted, in the decades that followed, the Kurdish identity is erased, in favor of the new nationality. The Kurdish language was forbidden, and including the word ‘Kurd’ – the Kurds have been up to in the eighties, and officially referred to as the ‘Bergturken’). Kurdish uprisings were forcefully put down.

The desire for an independent Kurdish state in Kurdistan continued to exist. There are a separatist Kurdish organisations, that independence by non-violent means of pursuing the organizations that the armed struggle.

After the fall of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 2003 and made it to the Kurds, officially the autonomous region of Iraq and to create them. And in Syria, which were given to them by the Syrian civil war, large parts of the north-west of the country is in their hands. The outcome is Rojava, a de facto autonomous region.

The Syrian Kurds have united in a number of the militia, the YPG, the most important is to. The insurgents were allies of the united states in the fight against the Islamic State (IS). Equipped with American equipment and assisted by Us air support, have played a crucial role in the re-conquest of the sphere of ‘caliphate’ by the jihadists.


Turkey carries out air strikes in Syria


The Turkish state has been for more than thirty years, engaged in a bloody conflict with the PKK, which during the nineteen-eighties, a revolt began under the leadership of Abdullah Öcalan. The establishment of a Kurdish state was the main target of the PKK, however, in recent years, it has shifted to a more cultural and political rights and a measure of political autonomy.

Estimates of the number of deaths from the conflict in Turkey has ranged from 20,000 to 40,000. Both sides are guilty of human rights violations. The most deadly period of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict that took place in the early nineties, but ever since the fall apart of the peace talks in 2016, and the conflict in South-eastern Turkey and once again re-emerged.

The anglican church is due to, inter alia, the united states and the EU, is regarded as a terrorist organization.

Turkey reacted with dismay at the American cooperation with the YPG militia in Northern Syria in the fight against IS, and to be the link between the YPG and the PKK.

In the US, has continued the cooperation with the Kurds, however. The Syrian Kurdish militia have been included in a government coalition with the neutral name to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). In an attempt of Ankara and the rest, have kept the Syrian Kurds from attacking Turkish troops, and dismantled them to outposts such as loopgravenstelsels, and storage bins.

Ever since the announcement by the Us president, Donald Trump, and that of his country, Turkey is more than a job it gives, in the North of Syria, and the subsequent Turkish invasion, the U.s. government is placing more emphasis on the relationships between the YPG and the PKK.

The Turkish offensive is being backed by a coalition of Syrian opposition groups from the north-west of Syria, which is made up primarily of ethnic arabs and Turkmen militias. Turkey has continued with the covenant in 2016, when the country first became involved in the Syrian civil war. The group calls itself the Free Syrian Army (fsa), with the acronym TFSA – not to be confused with the Free Syrian Army (fsa), with the abbreviation of the FSA, which operates as a oppositiegroep in the fight against Syrian president Bashar Al Assad.

The Turkish staatsvader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was against the Treaty of Sevres in 1920 after the First world War, including an autonomous Kurdish state, is provided. The convention entered never into force, and in 1924 was replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne. (Photo: Getty)


With an estimated forty thousand soldiers of the SDF are a military man is not able to cope with the Turkish armed forces, which includes combat aircraft, tanks and heavy artillery. On Sunday, the 13th of October, it was announced that the Kurds have a deal with Al-Assad. In return for all the help at the counter of the Turkish invasion, given the Syrian government’s control is all over the place Manbij, and Kobani, in Kurdish hands.

POSITION-commandant, Mazloum Abdi said on Saturday the 12th of October, in a reader’s piece in Foreign Policy: “We know that We have a painful compromise with Moscow, Bashar Al Assad, and if we choose to work with them. However, if we have to choose between trade-offs and the elimination of our own people, we, of course, for the lives of our people.”

In the past few years, the Syrian regime has succeeded in keeping the opposition during the Arab Spring of 2011, it came to mind, largely to break down. The regime was supported by Russia and Iran. The government, on the other hand, it is not, however, be strong enough to have control over the whole of the pre-war period in Syria, to fix. The fact that the Turkish invasion and brings with it All of Assad’s opportunity to have valuable oil fields in their hands.

The agreement between Al Assad and the Kurds, may be new tensions between Russia and Turkey that lead to it, due to the Russian support to the Syrian regime. Russia says it too will be watching over them.

The Islamic State

An estimated twelve thousand putative IS-and warriors – of whom about four thousand warriors from out of the region, is located in the Old prison. They are often fenced-off camps or facilities that are temporarily converted into detention centers. The families of the so-called IS-people are in different camps.

The SDF indicates that the prisons do not function as expected and will be monitored, as the Old guards are being forced to go to the front to leave or to flee the country. This past weekend, there were reports about hundreds of escaped IS-the supporters.

Even though it IS, by far, the largest portion of its territory was lost, it is the role of the group is not yet completed. IS the reason for this is that the underground terrorist network has become. IS cells are made in the run-up to the Turkish offensive in several suicide attacks in Syria’s Raqqa, formerly known as the ‘HAS-capital’.

Prisoner alleged IS fighters, while the Kurdish rise up around the Syria’s Manbij, in 2016. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have to let you know that there are thousands of IS prisoners may be free from the Turkish offensive). (Photo: Reuters)

Europe and the united states

It is the decision of the Us president’s Home for the U.s. troops to pull out of the north-west of Syria, in his own country heavily criticized. There were even members of his own Republican y do not agree with that. Members of congress announced that it will investigate whether the US, Turkey may impose sanctions.

He remains, however, in making a decision. He wants to make the commitment to the “endless war” in the Middle East will be drastically reduced. On Monday he suggested that, Even as it IS possible to captives, release to the U.S. to press the issue.

The EU is looking for a possible arms embargo against Turkey. France and Germany have already announced their exports to the country will have to stop.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been threatening that “the gates will be opened for the 3.6 million Syrian refugees in the country and in Europe, the Turkish offensive, to be firmly condemned. In turkey, in 2016, and an agreement with the european union and the influx of refugees into Europe and to reduce the refugees to deal with that.

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