These are the deadliest hurricanes to the united states in the last century found

These are the deadliest hurricanes to the united states in the last century found

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Hurricane Harvey is Saturday morning on land in Texas. It is the most powerful storm of the US in ten years has taken. These were other hurricanes that caused enormous damage caused.

Hurricane Galveston (1900)

This storm of the fourth category, the same one as Harvey, go in the books as the deadly weerramp in the history of the USA. Certainly eight thousand people were killed and thousands of homes were rendered uninhabitable by massive floods, with waves almost 5 metres high.

Hurricane Okeechobee (1928)

This time, Florida was the target of a category 4 storm. At that time, it was estimated that Okeechobee 2,500 people killed, but these figures were later revised upwards to three thousand. The number of victims was so large because the water over the dykes knew to come.

Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans if a storm of the third category. Dikes broke through, so that virtually the entire city is placed under water. A lot of people were stuck in their houses; they were on the roof waiting for help.

More than 1,800 people survived the hurricane. The damage of Katrina in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi was estimated at 108 billion dollars. This is the ‘most expensive’ natural disaster in the U.S. until now.

Hurricane Cheniere Caminada (1893)

This storm of the fourth category, which is an island for the state of Louisiana is full hit, got the nickname ” the Great November Storm’. Almost two thousand people came to. Among the victims were many skippers with their boat for the island layers.


Camera on ISS filming hurricane Harvey from space

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