These are the 10 best albums of 2017, according to Knack Focus

Knack Focus takes stock of the past year. Our muziekredactie saw no real outlier, but a faint muziekjaar? No, sir!

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Now take that number one of Thundercat, or producer-bassist-vocalist Stephen Bruner from LA. Jazz, spacefunk, softrock, hiphop, soul: it runs all together on his solo debut. Hear especially what you want to be in his auditory rorschachtest, we validate an imaginative, challenging, with a sense of humour placed picture of an artist at the top of his can. Power to the imagination, voila!

Bruner drew as a guest musician also present on Moses Sumneys in the twilight zone between satin soul and cosmic folk, bearded antiliefdesplaat, and Damn from Kendrick Lamar, which is one place lower ends are instantklassieker To Pimp a Butterfly two years ago. Penalty successor, but not better.

The Bears Gierens Dug Out Skyscrapers is Knack Focus’ Belgian record of the year. © .

Amazingly well it went with the garde jazz. The trio De Beren Gieren towers with the dark and introspective Dug Out Skyscrapers above the competition.

Including a motley gang, for it was also a muziekjaar without striking dominant trends. James Holden scored with his shaman, by analog free jazz beademende electronics. Old rocking rot Tim Vanhamel signed with his Millionaire for the comeback of the year. Vince Staples from Long Beach confessed himself to be a fiery rapper with vision who is not afraid of feestkriebels. King Krule rhymes poetry with the nonchalant pseudojazz and indigo gitaargewriemel.

Tamara Lindeman, aka The Weather Station, produced themselves this time her impassioned, compelling folk-rock. Folk without a lot of roll, but with a glowing production of Matthew E. White and the delicate, velvet voice of Azniv Korkejian got you Bedouine, also good for the best cover of the year.

1. Drunk (Thundercat)

Ingenious, and with soul, played, playful and musically versatile: that we found in February and that we find now.

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2. Damn (Kendrick Lamar)

Two years after his magnum opus To Pimp a Butterfly is King Kendrick again in our year end countdown. He is in 2019, welcome again.

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3. Dug Out Skyscrapers (De Beren Gieren)

Our Belgian record of the year. These bears lubricating rolls, in order firmly to bite into.

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4. The Animal Spirits (James Holden & The Animal Spirits)

A steaming electro-analogue concoction with spiritual keys. Bijschenken, that trade!

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5. Aromanticism (Moses Sumney)

“I don’t need to go to the doctor, I can be there just a plate about to make,” says Sumney itself. A debut as a prescription.

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6. Sciencing (Millionaire)

We saw, we listened, we went flat.

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7. The Weather Station (The Weather Station)

Singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman took for her fourth full-length album, the production itself in the hands and no doubt was also pleasantly surprised.

8. Big Fish Theory (Vince Staples)

Vince Staples compares Kendrick lamar to the crown, with exciting costs for head and legs.

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9. Bedouine (Bedouine)

Joni Mitchell, Bobbie Gentry, Dolly on, Jackson Brown: these are the references where we don’t just sprinkle.

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10. The Ooz (King Krule)

Archy Marshall is a romantic at heart with razor blades under the tongue.

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Schurkten even against the top ten to: LCD Soundsystem, Ty Segall, John Maus, Fever Ray, Joan Shelley, Stuff, Nick Hakim, Dwight Trible, Father John Misty, Mount Eerie, St. Vincent and all that jazz.

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