‘There must be a reckoning” for those who spread Russia agreement narrative: Mollie Hemingway

in the vicinityVideoThe politics and the fallout from the completion of the Mueller report

Those who argued for the last two years spent pushing the narrative that the Trump campaign will be drawn in co-operation with Russia in 2016, the presidential election need to be held accountable, the Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway Friday.

Earlier in the day, the office of Special Counsel, to Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Department of Justice gave in its report on the issue of Russia and it was announced that no new charges would be in soon.

During Friday’s All-Star panel segment on Fox News’ “special report with Bret Baier” Hemingway-along with Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti and Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason — weighed in on the breaking news, echoed in Washington.


Hemingway began by noting that the “Russia-circulate the narrative” of the Müller-probe, which started during the 2016 election after the establishment of the notorious Clinton-campaign-financed Steele dossier, which led to the theory that the then Republican candidate Donald Trump was a “Russian agent.”

“We have experienced in the last three years … often [] to steal the hysteria about traitorous collusion with Russia, and the 2016 election,” Hemingway told the panel. “The fact [is] that there is no additional charges and the fact [is] that all of the charges which we have seen to steal, so far, for the process of crime, or things, was in no way related to what we were told, so many people in the media “treasonable collusion”, the election of 2016.”

“If there is nothing that corresponds to what we have heard from the media for many years, it must be billing a and the people who spread this theory, both within and outside of the government, which must not be critical of the goods and not behave accordingly, and held accountable,” she added.

“The people who spread this theory, both within and outside of the government … and who does not act accordingly, must be held accountable.”

— Mollie Hemingway, senior editor, the Federalist


Mason told the panel that it is likely to be “some relief” in the White house, particularly by Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law and top consultants. And while he insisted that it was “too early” to draw important conclusions drawn, which he added later that those, the Miller’s credibility attacked in the course of his investigation is to be done on foot, their hostility, when he comes to the conclusion that there is no collusion, including President of the Trump.

In the meantime, Continetti suggested that the Mueller report could be the “biggest disappointment in American history”, and that the entire investigation could also “free”, because it “was an investigation without a crime.” He has, however, that the “struggle continues”, as the White house and the Congress will fight on the transparency of Müller results.

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